Rustic yet charming Scone Shack

March 29, 2022
Sky and Cactus

Many years ago, my mother and I discovered this very unusual little shack.

In the Cape Point area, as it is still our favourite drive to clear our minds. We saw a blackboard that screamed at us! We are open for scones!  And let’s be honest with each other? Is there anything in this world more rewarding than fresh scones, homemade jam, a pot of tea and cream? I say nothing!  So, we swerved into the driveway and have never regretted that day ever!

Karl and Cara, a loved-up hippie pair are the owners of this darling gem.  Karl, who is a chef by trade, Cara an ex-Pictures Editor of a newspaper, found each other and have created a nest. This rustic farm is full of life, nature and sunshine.  I simply love it.  Once I arrived with no shoes.  Once we swan in their dam on a hot summer’s day, in our clothes and once as we drove in, we counted 12 female kudus walking on the other side of the road in the reserve.

If you want a high tea, this is not the place for you.  It’s not a stuck up, get dressed up kind of a place.  Your teacup will not match your saucer. You will share your space with farm animals.  Fortunately, it’s not for everyone.  And I am so happy to say it’s just perfect for us.  The smell of scones baking in the wood-fired oven, chickens pecking at crumbs on the ground and a small farm dam where boys are messing about in boats all while the dogs find shade to sleep.

If you want an experience and you are happy to share your chair with a big, beautiful rooster, then the Scone Shack is your vibe. You are always met on arrival, by either Bacon wet snuffling nose, or the dogs or even the geese.  The place is full of happy farm animals that live together, from pigs to goats, chickens to ducks. They take first preference; you are a guest in their home.  You need to first and foremost respect them.  Cara loves her succulents, her knowledge and love for her plants is incredible.  They have a huge succulent collection at Lalaphanzi Succulent Nursery. So, you can shop while you eat your scones and walk around visiting all the healthy happy animals.

Karl is exceptionally creative, he is always creating new things to see, building up the outside area where you sit and works hard on the farm. While Cara makes the jam on a wood fire! Her jams are absolutely decadent, and often I have caught my mother eating the jam with a teaspoon! The scones are made in a wood fire, so they are not perfectly round or risen up.  But I can confirm, they are drop dead delicious.  The tea is endless and just being out in nature, is so good for your soul.

Karl has a sweet tooth and desserts is his favourite part of a meal. Often, he orders it as the first course.  Coming from an incredible career as a chef overseas, he always had a dream.  To create a space where having a treat is the occasion. The scones come with butter, cream and homemade jam (vegan scones with coconut cream); the carrot cake has a lemon zest, cream cheese frosting; a Cape Brandy Pudding comes with cream or ice cream and a Pecan Pie with ice cream. These sweet treats are made with love, therefore, are decadent treats.

Since, we discovered Scone Shack, they have grown and become such a great success, they are doing so well!  When the sun shines, we stay away, when it’s a rainy day, we head out.  As we know it won’t be so busy and Karl and Cara will spend some time with us.

It’s near the main entrance at Cape Point, drive slowly or you’ll miss the signs. The Scone Shack is off the grid on Lalaphanzi Farm. Payment is cash-only (“or you can do an EFT when you get home”).

Oh, and by the way Bacon has really had the way with all the female pigs as the farm is full of darling piglets!  He is like the king pig, with a farm of kids!


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