Flying Carmine Bee Eater


An absolute Safari gem, Zambia will take your breathe away! So many amazing places to experience and see! Join me on exploring Zambia

In the first place,  Zambia is a beautiful landlocked country found in Southern Africa. I love this country and plan to explore as much as I can. Without a doubt, all the safari offerings are remote and rustic. Not to mention, you will feel connected to nature as Zambia is wild and wonderful!

Beautiful Zambia is a country full of rivers and lakes, the most noteworthy of which is the Zambezi River.  Zambia shares a natural boundary with Zimbabwe, the land of the renowned Victoria Falls. Unquestionably, Zambia is tropical; however, the climate varies depending on the seasons. There are three major seasons: a cool, dry season from May to August. The hot, dry season follows from September to November. This is followed by a warm, wet season from December to April. Furthermore, Zambia is an all-year-round safari destination!  Remember it can be very hot in the hot season and cooler in winter.  You just need to make sure you pack for your safari!

 Uniquely, Zambians are also known for their smiles and hospitality! In addition, it is home to some of Africa’s top national parks. These include South Luangwa, Kafue, and Lower Zambezi. Otherwise, it is well-known for its diverse wildlife populations, including elephants, lions, leopards, and several antelope species. I find it to be the best safari spot in Africa.  The fact is, there are more amazing wildlife migrations in Zambia. Together with, the Southern Carmine Bee Eater migration. One of my favourite birds! After all, imagine this spectacular colourful display in the sky.

Above all, enormous efforts are underway to safeguard wildlife and natural environments, which I appreciate. Certainly, this should be a destination that you need to put on your bucket list for safaris. Equally important, Zambia has a diverse cultural heritage and significant natural resources. Without question, it is one of the best spots to see wildlife.

Unique Blend of Cultures:

The official language is English. Even though there are over 70 local languages spoken across the country. Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga, and Lozi being among the most widely spoken.

Historical Landmarks:

Dominated by high plateaus with some hills and mountains. The country features numerous rivers and lakes, the most notable being the Zambezi River.


Home to some of Africa’s best national parks like South Luangwa, Kafue, and Lower Zambezi, which are famous for their rich biodiversity and large populations of wildlife including elephants, lions, leopards, and various antelope species.

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