Pajama’s & Jam

November 7, 2022
Coconut Meringue Cake Pure Photography

Pajama’s & Jam eatery is an industrial area in Strand. A place you will want to visit many times. I had to see for myself what this Eatery was all about. The story behind this famous eatery is just as delicious as the food!

Since then, it proves that woman are such power houses!

Picture three ladies in an old open spaced, cracked wall workman’s store. A massive building in an industrial area.  From early morning cortado pouring, croissant baking and cake icing these women slowly worked their way into the locals’ hearts. 

They started serving breakfast from a every changing seasonal menu.   Pajamas and Jam stayed open for lunch and started to take our taste buds to new and wonderful places.  Like their favourite cardamom + orange cake. Accompanied with an insane selection of tea

This huge building site has fireplaces, Persian rugs covering the floor, beautiful lighting, and antiques galore.  Pajama’s & Jam is nothing more than a big hug of love.

Its lush.

One shelf, full of old-fashioned typewriters, sewing machines to vintage copper ware. They sell beautiful clothing made from real linen and make the most exquisite floral arrangements.

I loved the energy and the incredible smiles of the staff, from the time I spent there, you could see the waiters move from table to table, happy and excited to be there. It felt homely.

Now let’s talk about the food.  Oh, my word.  If you are on diet do not go, there.  Save it for your serious cheat day.  All the divine food is made from scratch.  Nothing is spared. 

I had a bowl with the creamiest Parmesan mushrooms served with spiced chickpeas, quinoa fritters, a poached egg and crispy kale drizzled with a slight truffle oil drizzle. My mouth was transported into a very happy place.

They have a Winter Bowl, which is a Pulled butter chicken, which is a homemade recipe. Served with a handmade roti and a cucumber + kohlrabi salad. Absolutely delicious.

Later, I discover the desserts, cakes and pastries. Flavours that smack your taste buds or those that you would never expect, such as Coconut and Lemon cake.  The bakery is full of scrumptious delights, that you can eat there or take away.  f

Here is where you can find their recipes, go and look at how incredibly talented and creative the menu is.

I highly recommend Pajama’s & Jam, put a special day aside, to go and experience this eatery!  Rally your family and friends, as there is nothing better than good food, shared with your loved ones.

Check out the deliciousness of this eatery, food, decor and the cakes.

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