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Dear 2022

Nearly two years into this relentless pandemic, bad news and now a war in Ukraine. Mental Wellness is the real pandemic. The new buzzword is burnout. The psychological term for all-consuming exhaustion and detachment from the world as you seep into everyone’s life, corner to corner of the globe.  You have caused endless uncertainty and… Read More

The Guesthouse

Rumi writes a beautiful Poem called The Guesthouse, it really helps me get through life, its a great reminder of how to deal with life when things are not going well. This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an… Read More

is COVID19 dream..

Coronavirus eats away all pleasure in the world, leaves us gobsmacked in its path. The second biggest plague to hit the world. Or might it be the meteor about to hit.

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forever friendships

Having long friendships are so important these days, the longer the better as the person with who you are friends watches you change, grow, fall, get up and laugh. Perhaps get skinny or fatter, perhaps go through rough storms only to come out into beautiful sunlight. They stand with you while you go into a… Read More

creation wines & dines

From the exceptional service to the fine dining and excellent wine pairing.  I experienced the stunning Lunch Food & wine pairing, which was simply magical. Our waiter Warren was the most professional, delightful, and knowledgeable sommelier I have ever come across. Warren has love and a true passion for Creation Wines and the area and… Read More

lipstick, love & laughter

That’s what you get when you go away with your very special friends. A lot of lipstick on gorgeous Enzo, love, and heaps of laughter.  And the place is called Hemel-en-Aarde, which translated to heaven on earth. Should I say anything more? The table is never empty, the chef is in the kitchen, the waiter… Read More

blooms & bark with a neo filter

I am not a fan of too much play with colours on photographs. Of course filters on Instagram are great fun, but when it comes to a photo shoot I rarely use filters.  The most I do is use the the black and white filter to create the drama when needed. Here I took my… Read More

lovers unite

When asked if I could do the photographs for Abi & Mark’s wedding I was thrilled to witness these lovers unite.  As I have known this family forever, I have grown up with them too.  I have watched the Grahams grow through the good times, tremendous times, and the low times. Finally, I was going… Read More