Wildflower Child

November 7, 2022

I love wildflowers. Particularly the ones that grow wild and in my garden. My mother always taught us to observe flowers and never pick them as they are too beings like us.

How I wish I had her green fingers and have the ability to grow flowers, nothing ever grows in my garden and although I do everything by the book, caterpillars or snails devour my plants.  I would never kill these slow eaters, as they are too Gods creatures.  So I gently throw them over the wall, but they tend to find themselves back in my delicious salad.

As I have always said, Nature wins every time.  If you sit back and listen, there are so many lessons you can get from nature, the way it moves and shakes.  It ambles along and works efficiently, and is absolutely beautiful.  COVID has caused many of us to really suffer from anxiety on steroids.  I have been on that list, from being home bound and terrified, I have found myself slowly getting back to normal.  Venturing out, starting to live again and with that my anxiety has improved.  Its not gone, but its manageable.

The best medicine for me is to get out and take photographs of beautiful things.  That is anything to do with nature really. I wish I live close to the bush, as I would become a wildlife photographer and spend weeks on safari. But alas, I have responsibilities, family, fur children and a day job selling the most epic holidays.  I get to each day celebrate our beautiful country by booking lavish vacations to the best places that I love in Africa.

Here are a few sensational flowers that I found along the way recently on a trip into the country. Some are alien like, others drop dead beautiful but most such a gift to us from God to remind us its going to be okay.

Enjoy my ode to the Almighty God for creating such elegant, beautiful flowers


  • Carolyn Cooper
    February 9, 2023

    This is beautiful! I adore your love for the natural world. It is something I cherish and admire in you. And maybe in that is where our connection lies. Can hardly wait to create with you!

    • Lauren Maker
      February 9, 2023

      Thank you, Carolyn, what a compliment coming from a super creative soul like you.

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