Thorntree River Lodge : Zambezi

March 14, 2023
thorntree river lodge decor

On the mighty Zambezi in Zambia’s glorious Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park is the gorgeous Thorntree River Lodge.

All the staff members at Thorntree River Lodge in Livingstone, Zambia, welcomed me with their incredible singing. Echoing throughout reception, I felt like a VIP. I was thrilled to see that I was not the only VIP, as each guest that arrived that day got an incredible welcome. This typical welcome is what makes this lodge and my stay truly special.

 When I arrived, Justine greeted me and gave me a cold glass of the chef’s homemade iced tea, as well as a soft, cold cloth to wipe my face and refresh after my journey. February in Zambia is hot, so your days are 32 degrees Celsius and up! Once I refreshed myself, Justine slowly took me around the lodge, making sure I knew where everything was. From where breakfast is served to lunch and high tea, and of course, dinners. Also showing me where to find WIFI, the library, gym, and spa.

Justine then walked me to my haven for the night and meticulously showed me where all the lights were, the emergency flashlight, warned me about the vervet monkeys, and then allowed me to unpack and unwind.

This must be one of my favourite lodges along the Mighty Zambezi. The bird life was mind-blowing, and I had an incredible guide who was a very good birder and helped me spot all my best birds and some beautiful new birds I had never seen. The comfort of the room, the bed, the view, and the plunge pool that I dipped in many times to cool down; the incredible, luxurious amenities; and the lush décor. The lodge not only provided a comfortable stay but also offered a great opportunity to connect with nature.

Justine’s attention to detail and the guide’s expertise in birding made my stay even more memorable and enjoyable.

You are close to all the main attractions of Victoria Falls on the Zambian side, and everything is within a National Park where you will enjoy pods of hippos wallowing in the waters and crocodiles enjoying the hot sun.

 The highlight of my stay was, of course, spending some time with Junior, a very passionate guide, on a water safari. Along the banks of the Zambezi, he showed me all the birds I desired to observe. The combination of the luxurious amenities and the stunning natural surroundings made my stay at the lodge unforgettable. Junior’s knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife made the water safari a truly memorable experience that I will cherish forever.

The greatest thing about Thorntree River Lodge is that you don’t have Wi-Fi in your room. So, you are forced to listen to the night calls and fall asleep with the soft night calls of nocturnal animals.

And the beautiful Zambezi is flowing steadily along. CLICK HERE to view the rest of this paradise.

It was a truly immersive experience. That allowed me to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the African wilderness. The sound of the flowing river. Was a constant reminder of the power and tranquility of nature.



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