Dazzling Zebras

March 13, 2023
Dazzle of Zebra

Zebras are one of the many beautiful animals that can be found in Eastern and Southern Africa.

As a result, I have compelled my most cherished information about these astute beings. Easily one of the most recognizably coloured members of the horse family due to their iconic black and white stripes. But thereโ€™s so much more to learn about the common zebra than just their black stripesโ€” or are they white stripes?


Zebras are herbivores, which means they eat plants, grasses, and roots. There are three distinct species spread across East and South Africa.

They are not picky about where they live. They are equally at home in the savanna, on the grassland, in the forest, in the shrubland, on in the mountains. As primarily grazing animals, they make do with less nutritious food. I get excited each time I see them on Safari.

Additionally, these gorgeous mammals are known to kick and bite when provoked.

Each species of zebra has its own unique pattern of stripes. Each individual zebra has its own unique pattern of stripes as well. Considering this, zebra stripes are just as unique as fingerprints or snowflakes.

Most of the time, a mother will keep her newborn foal away from others. Indeed, this is simply so that the first two or three days the foal can get used to her smell, voice, and look.

It was a real treat to study this dazzle of zebras at the Royal Livingstone Hotel.ย  As they grazed all day without a predator in sight, comfortably and happily. They are in pristine condition and have silky, beautiful coats. Very fat and thrilled to be a part of the furniture.

Click here to see my photography.

In conclusion, I can confirm, their eyelashes were so long and thick. So beautiful, I can guarantee you there were no mascara or eyelash extensions.

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