Pumba Bush Lodge

February 10, 2023
Sunset in the bush

Pumba Bush Lodge is set in bush veld overlooking lake Kariega.

I was luckily to have stayed a few nights at this lodge. Pumba Bush Lodge is an intimate lodge that has 12 thatched chalets.

First and foremost, the chalet was spacious, comfortable, and luxurious. Each chalet has a deck where you can watch Ellies come for a drink, watch the hippos and at night hear them grazing very close to your room.  The quality and the mindfulness are outstanding.

Yours truly, is a sucker for a pool. Furthermore, when it is 42 degrees in the Eastern Cape, having your own plunge pool. To use to cool off in the morning, noon and night, is always a winner!

To clarify, what’s more are the rooms are equipped with a mini bar fridge, In addition, tea and coffee facilities. Indeed, Earthenware fireplaces add warmth to the rooms on chilly nights. Trust me, it gets cold in winter, these make the rooms warm and toasty! 

In addition, the dining facilities have an African feel. The food was delicious. It should be noted, I had the privileged in meeting the owner Paula Howarth, who made time to show me around.  Over and above, telling me about the most amazing sightings that they had seen. As a consequence, how the Eastern Cape has developed into a very popular Safari destination.

Additionally, it’s a short flight hop from Cape Town. In comparison, it’s a non-malaria area, making it the perfect for families to enjoy the big five safari.

Definitely, our game viewing was thrilling. For example, our personal game ranger Mike had a wealth of knowledge and pointed out each bird he saw. Which for me was a blessing, as I love birds and I loved his passion for them.  With the traversing area is only 6600 hectares. It felt as if we were driving for hours and enjoyed vastly different terrain.  Our sightings were thrilling!   Nonetheless, my favourite sighting was a gorgeous malachite kingfisher with its orange and blue colours.  Importantly, the highlight on the game drive was coming close to the renowned white lions of Pumba. Who were very vocal, making it an exciting lion encounter. Undoubtably, one of the best sightings to see.   

Mike, our game ranger had such amazing stories. Hence, he was a excellent guide. With a great sense of humour which enhanced our stay. Dinner was delicious and service great. Indeed, a perfect spot for family and even honeymooners.

Lastly, a very big heartfelt thanks to Paula, Hannes. In particular, Mike and the Pumba staff. Overall, for making my stay exceptional.  



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