My Top 5 Thrilling Safari Sightings in Southern Africa

October 30, 2023
Leopard on Safari

Being a South African and having the love for safari, running in my blood.

Embarking on a wildlife safari in South Africa is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on any adventurous soul. The diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and unique conservation efforts make it a dream destination for nature enthusiasts.

Here are my top 5 thrilling moments that had me in awe of the remarkable African wilderness.

Nothing can compare to the hair-raising roar of the mighty African lion reverberating through the wild.  Hearing this roar echo through the bush is one of the most exciting chilling highlights.  Whether it is in the distant calling. Or, right by your vehicle.  Not taking away seeing the lions itself!  They are majestic animals, with incredible strength. However, they are so affectionate and loving with their cubs.  It’s truly a magical experience.

Leopards, famous for their elusive behaviour, are often the most sought-after sightings in the wild. During a late afternoon drive, we were tracked a female leopard with her cub.  When you are in the wilderness, you cannot be guaranteed to see anything. So, every sighting is special.  Well, we did finally spot the mum and her cub.  We spent an hour with the two of them. It was simply magical.  They are so smart, playful, and beautiful. Spending time with them was a treat!  Being a cat lover, I loved every single second of it.

Alongside, a herd of Elephants, they are massive and mesmerizing experience. They are graceful, we watched them play in the water. They were having a refreshing bath. Playing in the water, gently pushing a tiny tot baby elephant in the right way.   Witnessing these gentle giants up close allowed us to appreciate their close-knit social structures and profound intelligence.

African Bush Elephant

Without a doubt, one of my best is the elusive honey badger. Uniquely, this small, strong black and white creature is mighty!  Not to mention, they are so smart, brave and take on the most poisonous snakes.  I have seen footage of this little cheeky thing take on a lion.  My sighting was a badger and a black mamba, the snake was massive and deadly.  Unbelievably, the black mamba became his lunch, after quite a battle.  Very special moment to witness, I was so excited, I never took a photograph. Sometimes, it’s so important to be present. And not have to worry about composition or ISO!

Finally, my best is the birds. Yes, I love the birds in the bush. From the secretary bird to the little bee-eater.  I love and adore all the birds.  My best birds to see is the Waxbills, Herons, all the bee eaters and of course the mighty Fish Eagle.

In summary, Southern Africa’s abundant wildlife and thriving conservation efforts offer countless opportunities for remarkable safari sightings.

Therefore, from the mighty lion’s roar to the synchronized hunt of the African wild dog. Every safari sighting is unique and unforgettable. These top five safari sightings are only the a few that leaves me with a smile.

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