My Top 5 Lunch spots in the Deep South, Cape Peninsula

January 4, 2024
Korean Chicken and Rice

Of course, I am very biased when it comes to the lunch in the Deep South.  If you travel all the way to Cape Town and don’t spend a full day or even a few nights on the peninsula, you are losing out on so much.

Here are my top 5 lunch spots in the Deep South:

The Cape peninsula is more than a one-night stand.  This beautiful area stretches from Muizenberg, all the way to Kommetjie! Even to over Chapmans Peak into the sleepy Hout Bay.  It’s the most beautiful drive and place to discover when you visit Cape Town.

Along the stunning coastline of the Cape Peninsula, the Deep South region offers a culinary journey that is as diverse with its breathtaking landscapes. From quaint seaside villages to vibrant urban hubs, this area is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts. In this blog, we will explore my top 5 lunch spots in the Deep South. Uniquely, contributing to the rich tapestry of flavours that make this region a food lover’s paradise.

Satori Kalk Bay: Location: Kalk Bay Main Kalk Bay.

This legend stop will be kind to all your taste buds.  It’s a vibey, bright and friendly restaurant, where you can get mouthwatering pork belly to exceptional pizzas.  Without a doubt, this is perfect for a long boozy lunch or a quick grub.  Satori has such friendly staff, that get to know you and really display exceptional service.

Blue Kiwi Organic Market & Cafe’ Harbour Bay Simonstown

Blue Kiwi is a funky conscious eatery.  Without question, you will be back! This little place produces exceptional food.  Ranging from vegan to vegetarian and lastly some meat dishes for the carnivores.  They are plant based, and very serious about NO SUGAR, they serve delicious cheesecakes that have no sugar. So, you don’t feel guilty when you indulge in something sweet.  They serve freshly squeezed smoothies, juices, and locally brewed drinks. Additionally, they have a sushi menu, with mouthwatering salmon sandwiches to salmon roses.  Such a treat!  Parking is easy and the décor is divine!

Sexy poke bowl

Whole Earth Café: Scarborough

The Whole Earth Café is a holistic eatery situated in the heart of the seaside town of Scarborough, Cape Town. Their ethos is to provide cuisine that is true to nature, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Using only the freshest ingredients that are ethically and locally sourced. Everything you eat is from their garden, they serve fresh dishes that will hit that lunchtime spot! The owners are passionate about combining the best of first world-hospitality and healthy food trends with the rustic charm of village life in Scarborough. Better known as the Lentil curtain, as its full of free-spirited beautiful people, that love vegetables, surfing and tarot card readings.

Bang K : York Road Muizenberg

Cheyne the chef has streamlined his method while going back to his roots; he spent many years cooking in Southeast Asia. His food takes inspiration from traditional Thai ingredients like lime, lemongrass, tamarind, coconut, green chilly, galangal, ginger, and a touch of modernity. Thai cuisine is more than just noodles and broths, contrary to popular belief. It’s not so much about hot and spicy as it is about sour and zesty flavour combinations applied to fresh fruit. Simply, divine.

Minari Korean Kitchen: Main Road Simonstown

This darling Korean restaurant is a tiny hidden gem.  Most locals get take aways as they don’t have much seating room.  However, if you do go, you can walk through the restaurant and sit outside overlooking the Simonstown Harbour.  The best spot ever.  They will serve you the typical Korean food that is made by a Korean Chef! So, you will get Bulgogi, thinly sliced beef that is marinated in Korean spices. To Dakgalbi, gochujang-marinated chunks of chicken with noodles or rice.  Absolutely, lip smacking! They also do the best dumplings. You see how many awesome top 5 lunch spots in the Deep South.

Korean Chicken and Rice

Finally, the Deep South, Cape Peninsula, offers a culinary adventure that marries exquisite flavours with breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re a local seeking new flavours or a visitor exploring the Cape, these gastronomic havens are sure to leave an indelible mark on your culinary journey. What are you favourite lunch spots in the Deep South?

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