Fine Dining : My top 10 Restaurants in Cape Town

August 11, 2023
Fine Dining Fish and Chips at Harbour House

Here are my top finest dining restaurants found in Cape Town and the Winelands.


Is a world-renowned dining establishment. Located in the heart of Stellenbosch. Cape Town. Situated on the historical Rust en Vrede wine estate. Surrounded by picturesque vineyards and beautiful gardens. The cuisine at Rust en Vrede is a fusion of contemporary. With traditional South African flavours. Furthermore, they expertly created by their team of skilled chefs. They showcase the finest local ingredients. Including, fresh seafood, premium meats, and seasonal produce, to offer a menu that is both innovative and delicious.

Rust en vrede Restaurant


A charming and rustic eatery. It is known for its cozy ambiance and countryside atmosphere. Attracting both locals and tourists alike. Found on the Vergenoegd Farm.

The menu at Clara’s Barn Restaurant showcases a variety of hearty and comforting dishes. Focusing on farm-to-table cuisine. Not to mention, the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and suppliers. Ensuring freshness and quality in every dish. You can expect to find a selection of classic comfort foods. Such as freshly baked bread, homemade soups, farm-fresh salads, and flavorful main courses featuring locally raised meats and seasonal produce.


Renowned restaurant located in Paternoster, South Africa. This restaurant gained international recognition after being awarded the title of “Restaurant of the Year” at the World Restaurant Awards in 2019. The restaurant is situated in a rustic. Cottage-style building with stunning views of the ocean. It is cozy and intimate creating a comforting and welcoming atmosphere for its hungry patrons.

Uniquely, its focus on integrating local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The menu primarily features fresh seafood. Together with, foraged ingredients from the surrounding area, such as seaweed, wild herbs, and succulents. The chef, Kobus van der Merwe, takes pride in using sustainable and locally sourced produce. Moreover, this adds to the authenticity and personality of his dishes.


Here you will find a diverse selection of ingredients. Such as, specialty meats, seafood, cheeses, charcuterie, pantry staples, spices, oils, and more. Their product portfolio includes both well-known and niche brands, with an emphasis on quality and uniqueness. Simply delicious. They do really awesome cocktails!

Chefs warehouse Bailey


An upscale and trendy dining establishment. Found in a unique roundhouse building. The restaurant offers a sophisticated and modern atmosphere. Indeed, its contemporary décor and elegant lighting makes it special. The round shape of the building adds a unique architectural feature, providing a distinct dining experience. Another key point is the menu at Salsify is inspired by various cuisines from around the world. Blending traditional flavors with innovative cooking techniques.


Located in the heart of Cape Town. Is a renowned restaurant offering a refined dining experience. Albeit, the setting is elegant and intimate, it provides a contemporary décor and a warm atmosphere.

The restaurant offers sophisticated and creative cuisine, showcasing local ingredients from the Cape region. Indeed, the dishes are meticulously prepared by the chef and his talented team. Offering an explosion of flavors and textures on every plate.

le petite Colombe


If you love seafood and fine dining, look no further! At the same time, its right on the Waterfront, with harbour views. In fact, it’s the perfect place to dine! Luckily, the dishes are prepared using locally sourced ingredients. To clarify, providing a fresh and flavorful dining experience. Don’t think they don’t serve a good steak, because they do!! So, whether it’s seafood, steak, or vegetarian options, the menu caters to a range of tastes and preferences.

Seafood Pier


The ambiance at Geuwels at Vergenoegd is cozy and inviting, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere for guests. Elegantly decorated the rustic elements and comfortable seating make this visit so ^lekker! Geuwels at Vergenoegd does modern South African cuisine with a European twist. I loved watching the chefs in the open space plating the divine meals.   include produce from their own garden and herbs from the vineyards, how exciting! Beautifully crafted, combining flavours and textures to create divine culinary creations.



I personally love this restaurant; its simplicity and style are gob smacking. Especially, since it situated in Constantia, a little hub of really amazing eateries. This is a gem! Glen Williams, the chef, has a knack for fine dining.  But also making it a more casual and enjoyable lunch or dinner. The price per head is super affordable for a very special date night. First thing to remember, Foxcroft is an experience, save it for a rainy day and special occasion.  Obviously, making sure you book ahead.



Food really does bring people together.  It’s a celebration!  Instantly, bringing happiness to new tastes and new sensations to your mouth.  Epice is yet another exceptional food experience!  One, you should not miss! To begin with, the menu is hot and happening. Features a flavour-packed menu inspired by the team’s culinary expedition to India, as well as memories of travels through Spain, Japan, Mexico, Denmark and the US.



Food, glorious food.  Its evolved, become substantiable and most importantly, a language of love. Hence, we should enjoy it, of course, in moderation. When you get that right, please send me instructions.


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