Coming into 2024 with a Bang K

January 12, 2024
Sticky soy chicken with sesame

Bang K is a new restaurant is a touch of sophistication, elegance and damn delicious Thai inspired food!

Bang K Resturant, Muzienburg Cape Town

My foodie friend and I escaped children, husbands, dogs, and cats for a night out.ย  Luckily, she is very up-to-date with the latest on the food scene.ย  I just said you choose!ย  And that’s how it all started.ย  Also, to point out, I am a sucker for anything Thai!

Despite the abundance of beachside cafes in Muizenberg. Without a doubt, you will not go wrong with a contemporary Asian meal. Nestled within a narrow side street across from the train tracks after a day at the beach. I would highly recommend a romantic evening out. Or a fun gathering of friends or host a big party with a long table in the center. However, unless they have really refined tastes, I wouldn’t recommend it for kids.

My Review on Bang K Muizenberg – Cape Town :

Beautiful Bang K

Ambiance & Decor:ย 

Firstly, Bang K has an air of openness and tranquility.

In the evening, the floors, tables are dotted tea light candles provide a cozy atmosphere. The dรฉcor is a thoughtful combination of things gathered by Cheyne and Danielle. One wall proudly displays their artwork. Furthermore, attributed mirror-backed shelves house knickknacks, tomes, and bowls, while sake bottles double as decorative accents. The combination of dark walls with warm wood paneling. Uniquely, silver-painted ceilings, leather furniture, candelabra lamps, and terracotta floor tiles create an ambiance reminiscent of a private club. Itโ€™s a small, intimate restaurant with such character and attitude!

Small quaint restaurant

The Food:

To demonstrate, the menu is separated into four categories here: Sea, Land, Earth, and Sweet (each with its own Thai term).

The recipes are not technically representational of any one nation.ย  Indeed, there is a clear Thai influence with Thai ingredients. Allowing you to be free to explore all of the tastes. As a result, there are no appetizers or main courses; each dish is big and may be shared between two people for a multiple-tasting experience or savoured all to oneself. The food was so delicious we skipped dessert!

With the four-dish special, we ordered 4 plates each and shared them.ย  Without a question, each plate was a surprise and nothing disappointed us. We order a Sea, Land, and two Earth. My top dish was the tempura batter Cauliflower with tamarind, sweet miso, and lime aioli. However, then you get the grilled baby aubergine with coconut miso. And pork belly and the crispy sweet chicken wings. The first thing to remember is to come hungry!

The Service:

Specifically, the service is quick, welcoming, and enlightening.

While the menu does include some information on the ingredients used in each meal. The servers set the tone for your taste exploration. It’s very exciting.ย  At the same time, our waiter was happy, had a great sense of humour, and had excellent knowledge of each dish.ย  While we chatted away the dishes arrived, and our journey began. Using our chopsticks, we ate happily.ย  But when the honey-glazed chicken wings hit our tables we went in with our fingers!ย  If you are a chopsticks virgin, they do have knives and forks.

Tips and Final Thoughts:

Hence, I liked the ebbs and flow of Bang K.

It’s unpretentious. Itโ€™s found in York Street Muizenberg. Many characters are walking up and down the road.ย  Parking is easy, and a nice walk after an early dinner is superb. As you can see Fish Hoek and Simonstown mountains wake up with twinkling lights.ย  I do love a success story. Chef Cheyne Morrisby has suffered from the serious illness of addiction. Has overcome this and is back in the kitchen. Putting his sophistication on a plate. I truly wish him all the best!

When it comes to cocktails, well, try The White Rabbit! It is decadent and boozy. Most of my favourite profiles, are coconut and booze! The only problem is do you stop at one!ย  Or do you have three? Tough decision. Check out more photographs.

As a result, I will most certainly be back. I look forward to sharing this darling restaurant with friends and family! Alongside, a romantic evening with my hubby.

Finally, if you have kids, get a babysitter, Uber and enjoy!

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  • Carolyn
    January 19, 2024

    Oh wow!! This sounds awesome!! Wish i was still in Cape Town to visit. Lovely review. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฅฐโค๏ธ

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