January 27, 2023

This is my daily fix is Nature. I find the noise peaceful and love this time of the day – Dusk.

Dusk inspires me. Creates emotions and clears my head.  Nature comes in so many forms, from the brightly colourful butterfly those flutters around to the ant colony walking along the wall, stopping and greeting every passerby, to the sun falling into the abyss leaving us in darkness. To a sliver of the moon that greets us at night. 

No, I am not on LSD or magic mushrooms. In fact, I am stone cold sober. I sit on my balcony and watch the skies change into beautiful colours and enjoy the Guinea Fowl getting ready for bed, they sleep in the trees right in front of our home. 

Like clockwork they all gather on the wall and make the journey (10 metres) to their home for the night.  They are intelligent birds; make no mistake they know that sleeping in the trees are the safest. Due to caracal, dogs, and some cats. 

We are luckily to have watched the chicks turn into teenagers and seen how their brave parents teach them to make that last flight in the evening to safety. 

They are loud and do not have much consideration for our neighbour hood and many of my neighbours shot and clap as they squawk into the sunset.

Many of you will think I have lost the plot completely, and that’s perfectly okay. One learns to accept that we are special and different. I see things that maybe others think is arbitrary and rather strange.

As the dramatic skies were changing, the wind was pumping through the trees, I picked up my camera, as I suffer from guilt if am not doing something at all times.  And just took some photographs and to be honest I absolutely love them.

Photography captures that moment, the emotion you felt and the drama of how it plays out.  I am super grateful that I have a sunset to watch, birds and trees to enjoy. With a deep love and appreciation for them all. Here are my favourites!

Have a happy day 😊  

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