Tanda Tula : To love the quiet

August 30, 2023

The meaning behind the name, Tanda Tula “is to love the quiet”. This is inspired by the owners Don and Nina Scott, their incredible staff which is family.

Tanda Tula Safari Lodge

The Lodge:

A lodge where you learn to be quiet, taking in every single second of nature and the wilderness you are surrounded by.

The world is rich with destinations that offer respite and escape from the demands of modern life. But very few can match the awe-inspiring allure of Tanda Tula Safari Camp. Found in the heart of South Africa’s iconic Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.  Tanda Tula is more than just a luxurious getaway; it’s a way of life. To the untouched wilderness.  A place where one can reconnect with nature in its purest form.

Tanda Tula Safari Camp Bedroom

The Ethos:

Spending a night at this beautiful lodge, was for me a personal bucket list.  Don and Nina are inspirational in their way of thinking, their hard stance on the community and making a difference to the people in the area.  They are also very involved in conservation and their carbon footprint.  In my opinion, their attitude is paramount to the future of their children. And the impact on the future families.  Together with, their love of the bush.  They have created a harmonious blend of opulence, redefining the tented Camp experience.

Tanda Tula has had a massive make over, and honestly it left me speechless.

The Camp:

The camp’s exquisite accommodations, featuring canvas tents with glass doors seamlessly blend into the landscape. Each tent boasts an en-suite bathroom. An outdoor shower, and a private deck with a plunge pool.  Allowing you breathtaking views of the surroundings.  Nina inspirational colours and hues are like something I have not yet seen in the bush.  A velvet green couch, a purple lush duvet, with fabrics and textures that blend perfectly. I felt cocooned in lavish comfort while still being surrounded by untamed nature.  Is a juxtaposition that Tanda Tula masters effortlessly. The light fittings, understated decor leaves you with sense of warmth.

You are greeted by staff that are dressed in colourful uniforms. With name badges and smiles that you will never forget. You become so attached to these beautiful warm people.  Everyone is conversational and you feel like you are part of the family.  Everyone knew me by my first name.

Tanda Tula Safari Camp Bush Dinner

The Game Viewing:

Twice daily you on taken out on guided game drives. This is where you get a chance to witness the intricate web of life. From the majestic predators to the smallest insects. I can confirm its not all about the Big Five. Which for me is refreshing.

Especially, Triston our game ranger, his enthusiastic efforts and I truly loved his attention to detail. His knowledge is simply superb! We saw so much antelope, birds, Rhino, and the most incredible leopard sighting.  He managed to get us to the best spot where we sat quietly.  And observed this beautiful leopard in its own habitat.  Totally, unphased by us.  She groomed herself, using a rock to scratch her head and posed for photographs.

After this thrilling sighting we had sundowner in the riverbed. Sitting around on the soft sand, with no shoes on sipping our drinks. Conversations in the wild. Nothing forced, just so natural and comfortable.  As the sun set and the stars appeared I realised we had been sitting there for a couple of hours.  Triston then gave us a lesson on stargazing and showed us all the important constellations.  I was so relaxed. Lying on my back looking up at Triston laser light, in a riverbed in the wild and felt utterly blessed.  While the nocturnal animals started to forage for their dinner.  It was truly magical.

The Food:

At the same time, food is a celebration.  For example, you don’t get a printed menu. The chef,  Ryan comes to each table. With his incredible talent and tenacity, he describes the menu.  Finally, when your plate arrives. Beautifully plated fine dining plates arrive. With locally sourced food.   Indeed, his attention to detail, love for his art, shows and get your taste buds singing a happy tune.

Delicious Food

Thier footprint:

Tanda Tula’s commitment extends beyond providing an unforgettable experience for its guests. This camp is deeply involved in conservation aimed at preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Using initiatives such as anti-poaching patrols, community education programs, and sustainable resource management. Tanda Tula contributes to safeguarding the wilderness for generations to come. The Scott’s are passionate about education.  A true testament to witness how Tanda Tula values their staff, when you work there you become part of a family.

In summary, this experience is more than a destination; it’s a testament to the unspoiled beauty of nature and a reminder of our role as stewards of the Earth. Without a doubt, it beckons to the adventurous souls, the seekers of authenticity, and those who yearn to reconnect with the primal rhythm of life. For one thing, heart of Tanda Tula, one finds not just a vacation, but a transformative journey that leaves an indelible mark on the spirit.

Lastly, I will always carry memories of Tanda Tula.  Of roaring lions, golden sunsets, and the feeling of belonging to a world much greater than yourself.


In conclusion, Tanda Tula isn’t just a camp; it’s an embodiment of the wild. Above all, a sanctuary for the soul, and a tribute to the remarkable wonders that nature graciously bestows upon us.


Tanda Tula Lioness


  • Carolyn
    April 29, 2024

    “To love the quiet” – what a lovely name! These photos and write-up is making me homesick of a place I have never been. Looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you for introducing so many places to me that I never knew existed.

  • Erika R
    April 29, 2024

    Beautiful write-up! I would go here for the food, alone. Thanks for sharing!

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