Social Media: A field of Landmines

April 27, 2021
Social Media

Let’s talk about the dangers of social media.

My early teenage years, I was out on the streets playing on my BMX, trying to keep up with my brother and his gang.  Or I was at the beach, swimming in the sea with friends. Or playing on skateboards, building tree houses, and saving all the cats in the neighbourhood. Grazed knees, barefoot and dirty!

We lived such an adventure. We used to know it was time to come home when the streetlights came on. Our telephone plugged into the wall. A big black one that you used to dial with your finger. If you needed to call a friend.  Or your plans made the night before, you would stick to them.

Sadly, life has changed. In the age of connectivity, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From staying in touch with friends and family. Smartphones have caused us to become lazy, rude, and unsociable. Without a doubt, social media offers a myriad of benefits. To check the weather, to see what is happening on the news and to know what is going on in the world.  To follow your favourite star, your best band and even your role model.

However, beneath the surface of likes, shares, and tweets lie potential dangers. Without a question, are impact our mental health, personal relationships, and even society. In this blog post, I want to explore the dark side of social media.

The famous one, Keeping up with the Kardashians Culture:

For this reason, here lies a massive problem, social media often presents a distorted reality, where people showcase their best moments. This curated version of life can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem as youngsters compare their everyday existence to the highlight reels of others. To start with, you get filters that make you look like a Kardasian.

Hence, pumped up lips, fake eyebrows and giraffe lashes, and smooth skin. When in real life you are normal, you have freckles, or pimples. Or wrinkles.  In short, it’s completely jaded, and we need to teach our youth that it’s not acceptable to change our looks but rather embrace our individuality.

Keyboard warriors – Cyberbullying:

Indeed, hiding behind their keyboards, people have the power of anonymity provided by social media platforms. Where, they engage in cyberbullying. Consequently, I have seen some of the comments and have even myself attributed to this in the past. There is no discussion. In addition, it’s a barrage of unfiltered hurtful things. Whereby, no one is moderating or policing. In all honestly, causing, youngsters to suffer severe anxiety, depression, and, in extreme cases, even suicidal thoughts.


Growing up: Superficial Connections:

It’s important to note, social media does provide exceptional ways to keep up to date with your family overseas or your friends.  It also affiliates friendships that you have outgrown or moved away from.  Like I don’t know about you, but I don’t really need to be friends with every single person I went to school with. A lot of those people are not my cuppa tea and that’s okay! I would rather have 10 real life friends in my life than 1100 on Facebook that mean nothing to me. Also, what you were 15 years ago is not what you are today. Social media is on the world wide web, all those things that you willingly put out there will always come back in your future.

Spread of Misinformation: Fake News and Online Scammers

I simply cannot comprehend the fake news and scamming that is happening on social media, these days. You must be so careful.  Videos go viral, fear spreads and for the youngsters and the elderly, this is dangerous.

Lastly, the Addiction and distraction:

I was completely addicted to Facebook better known as (fakebook) If I personally look back at my statuses and posts 15 years ago, I want to die inside.  They are so truly fruitless.  It’s really a constant stream of silly notifications.  Designed to make it addictive. Excessive usage can interfere with daily life, affecting productivity, sleep, and overall well-being.

While I use Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to get my blogs out and show off my greatest passion photography.  I have chosen to remove myself completely off these platforms on a personal level.  I don’t post pictures of myself and try my best to stay clear of getting into social wars about my neighbourhood, cruelty to animals and politics. It just brings you down.

Rather go out, swim in the sea, take a walk on the beach.

Its healthier for your body and mind.



  • Carolyn
    December 5, 2023

    So true darling! Love this post and i have been struggling with social media ‘scrolling’ for a while now. And it is such a waste of time. I feel quite lonely and before you know i am entertaining myself by watching people dance and act like monkeys (myself included) and you go from crying on one reel to laughing your head off the next. It is just not natural. My point is… i have become addicted to it. I know this. I feel like a zombie after a scrolling sesh. I am trying to put things in place to help me with my addiction. But not there yet. Love this post. It is real. x

    • WildFlower
      December 6, 2023

      Thank you for commenting.
      I have recently found TikTok, and I must be honest, yes, some of the stuff is very funny! But shjoe, some of the stuff without warning can be very triggering and it worries me that as humans we are becoming so desensitized. I have cut down as much as I can. Stop my personal Facebook page, only post on Pure Photography pages. I am loving doing reels about stuff that makes me happy, nature, sunsets and wildlife!

      I am too trying to keep it real.
      I long for the olden days. The ones where you only had a landline. And if you made arrangements you stuck to it. And work stopped when you left the office. I wish that many of the youth had a taste of those days. But, maybe I am old fashioned and need to embrace these things.

      Sending you much love Organic Gypsy! <3

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