Painted Dogs

May 11, 2021

Going on a safari is a thrilling experience.  Seeing the painted dog or known as wild dogs is amazing. You get to go on an adventure through the wild, searching for wildlife in the dense bushland. 

As you engage in the exhilarating hunt. More is revealed to your eyes. Birds of several hues, followed by a variety of smaller creatures, and finally the typical suspects.  Animals like antelopes, giraffes, and zebras. But nothing is better than seeing the painted dog.

It’s exciting to witness a wild animal in its natural setting.  I count my many safaris as one of life’s greatest blessings. Throughout much of Africa.  The combination of fresh air and adrenaline is always invigorating. 

Seeing a troop of wild dogs in the Kruger was an incredible experience.  These animals are lovely to look at, yet they can be extremely violent while hunting.  I adore them for their huge ears, colourful looks, and lively interactions.  They’re so happy to see each other that they’re literally jumping for joy when they do.  Creating a lot of racket by yelping and screaming. 

Here is some information regarding African painted dog:

One reason for this is that wild dogs’ distinctive coat patterns have earned them another name: the African painted dog.

They are highly gregarious animals that form tight-knit packs and adhere to a hierarchical social structure.

The hunting success rate of a pack of wild dogs might reach as high as 80%.

Unfortunately, they are also threatened by the destruction of their natural habitat, collisions with automobiles, and killing by farmers who see them as a menace to their livestock.

Efforts are being made to conserve wild dog populations and spread knowledge about their value to the environment.

We watched the gang of canines for a good hour; most of the time they slept, but occasionally, they would act out like a bunch of rambunctious adolescents.  

I would rather not witness these dogs at work in the field, where they are reported to be extremely cruel to their potential lunch or dinner. They are dogs after all.  Although this is the natural order of things, I’d rather not witness it.

Animated, stunning, and clumsy best describe wild dogs. One of the best parts of my safari was hanging out with them.

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  • Kyle
    June 18, 2023

    Great post, informative! I can imagine a pack of dogs hunting. And I’d rather not see it neither!

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