Grootbos Magic

April 14, 2023
Sunbird Pure Photography

Located less than two hours from Cape Town and only one hour from the point where the warm Indian Ocean and the chilly Atlantic Ocean meet. You will find Grootbos magic.

You will find yourself near the southernmost tip of a continent brimming with stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and unforgettable adventures.


Experience beauty in its purest form at lies Grootbos Nature Reserve. This beautiful lodge seems like it belongs in the mountains, the forest, or the beach.

The staff at Grootbos do more than just protect the untouched wilderness that serves as their home. They ensure to improve the lives of locals and protect 3500 acres of flora and fauna. These wonderful humans continually conduct studies, developing new ideas, and breaking ground on previously untried approaches.

The Grootbos Florilegium is a modern botanical art project. Including information about the plants and the bees that pollinate them in the Cape Floral Kingdom. The artworks weave together a comprehensive narrative about the flora and pollination processes of the reserve and its environs.

The Grootbos Foundation is a charitable foundation that has been working to protect the vanishing fynbos ecosystem since 2003. Since then, it has expanded its focus from the natural world to now include the people that make up that world. The potential for positive and long-lasting change in local communities has prompted the creation of a wide range of training, improvement, and empowerment programmes. The importance of conservation, community development, and ongoing teaching through fynbos, plants, and sports is brought home after a day spent in this enchanted spot.

And finally, the super luxurious accommodation speaks for itself.

The Forest Lodge:

Everything about Forest Lodge was designed with Mother Nature in mind, from the natural-toned furnishings and roof to the large windows that perfectly frame the surrounding flora and fauna. Relax in the filtered light and enjoy the sleek, modern design of this oasis.2

The Grootbos Villa

You and your loved ones can enjoy a personalized stay at the Grootbos Villas that caters to your every whim. You have access to a private chef, tour guide, and driver. Your entire stay is tailored to fit your needs and pace. Delicious, freshly cooked meals made using ingredients from nearby farms are available whenever you choose.

To the Garden Lodgeย 

Garden Lodge’s design was motivated by the richness of natural scenery it was built in. Sacred, ancient milkwood trees inspired the design of the ceiling beams. The natural light and the breath-taking vistas from the floor-to-ceiling windows make this a truly remarkable room. It’s all about making something new and exciting, and incorporating elements from the outside world.

It’s uplifting to be around folks who are so concerned about the planet.

Spread out your time in Cape Town and be sure to see this hidden treasure if you’re there for more than a day. Click here to see more beautiful pictures.

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