The Empire strikes back : My Review

November 27, 2023
Tattoo girl

Found in the hip and happening Muizenberg, surfers’ paradise is the charming Empire Café, here is my review on this awesome Empire Café.

My review – Empire Café : Muizenberg

This cafe exudes charm from the moment you step through its doors.

Firstly, we were starving and decided to seek brunch, both of us hangry! In all honesty, instead of always going to our favourites. We stepped into the warm and inviting ambiance of this café. Without a doubt, it effortlessly blends a relaxed beach vibe with an urban sophistication that makes it a standout destination in Cape Town.

Empire Café Decor & Ambiance:

Above all, inside you will find a delightful mix of rustic and contemporary elements. Wooden tables and chairs, coupled with nautical-inspired décor. Fresh plants with funky nooks and crannies. It has a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Thankfully, the large windows allow natural light to flood the space, making sure you can watch the surfers and people of Muizenberg interact.

The Food:

Our server was sweet and attentive. Her confidence and knowledgeable about the menu were appreciated. As one never knows what to choose if it is your first time. We munched on Eggs Benedict with our decaf’s cappuccinos. Without question, the hollandaise was rich, creamy and ladened over our perfectly cooked eggs. Our orders delivered promptly, and all eyes were on us making sure we were happy and always taken care of.

Eggs Benedict

Love the vibe:

In the first place, I loved the Empire Café family, young hipsters full of tattoos, piercings and so unpretentious. You can easily visit from some chow with no shoes, and no one will bat an eyelid. My kind of place. It is clear, the menu at Empire Cafe is a testament to the diversity of Cape Town’s culinary scene. Offering a range of dishes that highlight fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the cafe caters to various tastes. From hearty breakfast options to flavourful lunches and delectable desserts, each dish crafted to please the palate. For this reason, we will be back.

The Coffee:

The beverage selection at Empire Café  includes a variety of coffees, teas, and refreshing juices. The cappuccino we ordered was rich and aromatic, complementing our meal perfectly. No doubt, Empire Café in Muizenberg is a hidden gem that combines a laid-back beach atmosphere with exceptional food and service.

Finally, whether you are a local looking for a cozy spot to unwind or a visitor exploring this surfers spot. This is a must-visit. Another point, you must visit the book shop and walk around the beachfront. Check out my photographs

In summary, it is such a cool spot! Well done Empire Café!


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