My Top Five Franschhoek hidden gems

November 20, 2023
Chocolate and wine tastings

Funky Franschhoek is a paradise for wine enthusiasts, foodies, and nature lovers alike.

With its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and exceptional culinary scene, this quaint town offers an unforgettable experience.

My Top five things to do in Franschhoek.


 Visit wine farms:

Firstly, Franschhoek is renowned for its world-class wineries and vineyards, making it a haven for wine connoisseurs. Embark on a delightful journey of the senses as you sample a diverse range of locally produced wines. Many vineyards offer guided tours, allowing you to explore the winemaking process while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Some notable estates to visit include La Motte, Chamonix, and Babylonstoren, where you can indulge in exceptional wines and soak in the inherent beauty of Franschhoek.

Visit the Museums:

Equally important, why Franschhoek in the rich history and heritage. You will need to visit the Huguenot Memorial Museum. Uniquely, this museum commemorates the arrival of French Huguenots. In the late 17th century, who brought with them their winemaking traditions. Enjoy, the stories of bravery and resilience through exhibits showcasing historic artifacts, family bibles, and portraits. No doubt, you will also find beautifully manicured gardens and the Huguenot Monument is a must, paying homage to the town’s French influence.

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Visit the Franschhoek Motor Museum:

Very important, if you love cars, this museum is for you! A visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum is an absolute treat. Found on the L’Ormarins Estate, this world-class museum showcases a remarkable collection of over 220 vintage, classic, and modern cars. Experience the evolution of the automotive industry as you marvel at rare and iconic vehicles. This awesome exhibition really gives you incredible insight and provides a glimpse into the history of motoring. I am not mad about cars, but I loved seeing how we have involved.

Hike, horse ride and explore the mountains:

Without a doubt, Franschhoek boasts breathtaking natural landscapes that beg to be explored. It offers an abundance of adrenaline.  From trails for hikers and mountain biking enthusiasts, to horse-riding through the vineyards. Traverse the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, set against the backdrop of the dramatic Franschhoek Mountains, to witness stunning vistas and diverse flora and fauna. Alternatively, explore scenic panoramas as you pedal through the charming vineyards and picturesque countryside. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to engage with nature and breathe in the fresh air that defines Franschhoek’s natural beauty.

Catch the Wine Tram:

Significantly, the real reason why we all visit Franschhoek is because of the food and wine.  Full Stop!! Whatever you do, go hungry! Catch the Wine Tram, making your way through the incredible wine farms, tasting all the wines, and eating all the delicious food. You can book at one of award-winning restaurants. Or eat at one of their charming bistros. Or like I do, hit all the delis. Indeed, there are so many outstanding restaurants you are spoilt for choice! In fact, enjoy out my Winelands Adventures

In particular, Franschhoek casts a spell on visitors with its extraordinary blend of wine, culture, and natural beauty. From wine tasting and gourmet experiences to embracing history and exploring the outdoors.

Ultimately, it’s a romantic sensory and cultural extravaganza that will leave you with return reservations.

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Surprisingly, it captivates you.

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