Colourful Bo Kaap

July 10, 2023

Just under Table Mountain, you will find a beautiful little town called Bo Kaap.

Bo Kaap is famous for its brightly painted houses, offering a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Again, take a walk through the neighbourhood and admire the colourful streets, capturing some fantastic photos along the way. Each home is painted a bright colour, giving this space such character. Most importantly, it’s become a hip and trendy place.  There are many eateries along the way, and you can really indulge in the delicious food.

Especially, make a visit the Bo Kaap Museum.  Located in a historic Cape Dutch-style building, the Bo Kaap Museum provides insights into the area’s rich history and culture. Learn about the Cape Malay community, their origins, traditions, and contributions to South African society.

Be daring, join a Cape Malay Cooking Class.  Experience the flavours of Bo Kaap by participating in a cooking class focused on Cape Malay cuisine. In addition, you can learn to prepare traditional dishes like bobotie, samoosas, and koeksisters, all while immersing yourself in the culinary heritage of the area.

Get your comfortable shoes on and discover Cape Town’s Best Malay Cuisine. Even more, this darling unique town has divine Malay cuisine. Visit local restaurants and cafes to savour dishes like breyani, denningvleis, and rotis, experiencing the unique fusion of Malay, African, and European tastes.

Most importantly, attend the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival. This community hosts the annual Cape Town Minstrel Carnival in January. Where vibrant music, colourful costumes, and exuberant dancing take center stage.  Furthermore, join in the festivities and witness the lively parade. Without a doubt, you will love the Cape Malay and African traditions.

Lastly, it’s a friendly place, full of really lovely restaurants and its perfect for photography! Check out my photographs.

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