Our Irish Queen Sinead O’Connor

July 28, 2023
Our Irish Queen Sinead O'Connor

When I saw her face on the news. I calmly and methodically, I went to all the news sites one can rely on and confirmed. Sinead. One of my most authentic, complicated, yet most beautiful woman had left us.

pop icon Sinead O'Connor

Our Irish Queen Sinead O’Connor.

Indeed, I was not surprised.  Or shocked. I had been watching her struggle with her mental illness, the great loss of her son, her deep complicated complexes. I watched her documentary and felt so exceptionally proud of her.  Yet cried as I felt her pain and suffering.  She was outspoken on social and political issues. As well as her open discussions about mental health.  She was pivotal in breaking down stigmas. And encouraged open conversations about these topics. While Sinead has also been praised for her unique vocal style and heartfelt lyrics that tackle themes of love, loss, and personal struggles. She died of a broken heart.

Our Irish Queen Sinead O'Connor


Most people only remember her one song, ‘nothing compares to you’, those eyes that penetrate your soul as you listen to that voice, and you see tears, deep sadness.  But she was so much more than that song.

First and foremost, for me, she was the Lion and the Cobra.  A petite punk. With an incredible voice. Packed with poetry, life lessons and injustices. Every song she wrote and sang.  Heartfelt and full of power.  Hence, a strong lion and of course the spitting cobra. She was angry at child abuse, organized religion, war and politics.

Born in Ireland, brought up in a turbulent household, strained relationship with her parents. Sinead started singing at a young age.  Joined her first band, in the late 1970s. In the early 1980s, she gained recognition as the lead vocalist of the Irish band “In Tua Nua” and later signed a solo record deal with Ensign Records.

pop icon Sinead O'Connor

For example, the world remarked about her hair, so she shaved it off.  She wore doc martens, jeans and oversized t-shirts. In spite, of what anyone said. Married 4 times, divorced 4 times and had 4 children.  Uniquely, she was outrageous but misunderstood.  Only 18 months ago, her youngest son, the son that she was very close to committed suicide.

Without a doubt, I believe this was the final straw.

Thank you, Sinead, for getting me through so many hardships in my life, for being so inspirational in my life.  For profoundly molding me. To emphasize, teaching me that I should never stop fighting for the rights of people.  Thank you for talking about mental illness, it’s important for society to start realizing that mental illness is REAL.



In the end, it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Wish you were loved more alive now dead.

You made an indelible mark on my life.

Lastly, you will always stay young in our hearts.  Rest your mind.


Here is one of my favourite songs, those words man!


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