Stella’s Birthday

January 24, 2022
Blowing candles

Is there anything better than candy floss, marshmallow, and face painting?  All your friends and brand-new shoes for your birthday party. 

Stella, an adorable little dainty girl with rosy cheeks and beautiful blue eyes, is celebrating her 3rd birthday.  Her face says it all, she is extremely excited and cannot stop telling me who is coming to her party, all about Peppa Pig, and introducing me to all her pets.  I was hired to take pictures of this special day.  As I moved through the event, she held my hand tight. My cheeks hurt from my permanent smile.

Each child arrived, dressed up beautifully, looking for the birthday girl to wish and handing Stella, brightly coloured ribbon boxes of presents. Of course, not shy, Stella lapped it all up in true style and hosted her little humans with impeccable manners.  A jumping castle, face painting, a tea party for the mums and dads, with sparkling juice (wink, wink) and lots of sugar.  This family and friends celebrated this darling child’s 3rd year!

The less fuss you make the better the photographs are! Oh and one more thing, you need to be able to have many conversations. Some of them make perfect sense, others don’t. I love nature photography, not staged. I hide somewhere and take shots of little faces, and special moments and of course, enjoy the sugar rush of the kiddies as they play. Happiness is being with your best buddies, blowing out your birthday cake, and jumping on a castle.

After all, our Stella was the princess for the day!

It’s a pleasure spending time with little people that have imaginations. Are non-judgmental, have so much confidence and are carefree. Every birthday should be celebrated. And photographed.  It’s a special day. 

See more of Stella’s exciting and fun birthday party.

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