The Hoopoe Bird: My heart

October 23, 2023
African Hoopoe Bird

The Hoopoe Bird is my heart bird. It’s incredibly special to me.

Let’s explore the Hoopoe Bird:

Every time I get to see this bird, my heart skips a beat. It brings back such beautiful happy memories for me.  This bird was my Oupa’s favourite bird.  He loved birds and had a garden where he fed all of them.  As my mother had a very close relationship with her father, they shared their love for birds.  Thankfully, my mother taught me everything she knew. Passing on that love onto me.

Beautiful Crest

What do Hoopoe Birds looks like?

Uniquely, the hoopoe bird wears a distinctive crown of feathers on its head. Especially when raised, it turns into beautiful fan shape.  They are eye-catching! With a combination of bold black and white stripes on its wings, back, and tail. Its chest and belly are orange, brown colour, while its feet and beak are long and slender. They love grass.  So, when you see several of them eating on green grass, it’s an absolute treat!

Without a doubt, the hoopoe’s most stunning feature is its crest. This crest is made up of several colorful feathers. This can be raised or lowered, depending on the bird’s mood. Using its crest to assert dominance. When raised, the crest shows a beautiful arrangement of black, white, and chestnut brown. Its honestly a beautiful creature!

What does it sound like?

In addition, vocally the hoopoe bird is known for distinctive “hoop hoop” sound! Often repeated in a series. When you hear these birds hoop to each other, it’s very sweet. Of course, these calls are used for communication during mating, so they are sexy during courtship. They are exceptionally pretty and have incredible characteristics!

What is it size?

Equally important, the hoopoe bird, is a unique avian species.  They are medium size birds.  Now that is measuring around 25-30 centimeters in length and weighing around 46-89 grams. So, think of a ruler, it can be a big bird. Exciting, right? This special bird munches on insects.  Like beetles, ants and caterpillars.  This explains its long beak.

Why I love them so much?

I find the hoopoe bird is a fascinating creature.  I admire its striking appearance, distinctive calls, and unique character! For one thing, its vibrant and elegant plumage. Indeed, combined with its impressive crest, make it a truly remarkable species of bird. And it reminds me of my late grandfather and my mother.

Two very special humans in my life.

African Hoopoe Bird


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