ritual bathing in holy waters

January 5, 2015

It was a profound experience to watch the locals perform the daily ritual of bathing in the holy waters.

Galtaji is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage about 10 km away from Jaipur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

What is Galtaji?

These beautiful temples were built into a narrow crevice in the ring of hills that surrounds Jaipur. A natural spring emerges high on the hill and flows down, filling a series of dams, these are a series of sacred kunds (water tanks) were these interesting worshipper’s bathe. The views of Jaipur are incredible from the top.  You have to climb a few hundred steps, but it’s worth every step!

Indian Woman that share Chai Tea with strangers

Bathing in the Holy Waters:

It is believed that a Saint named Galav lived here, practiced meditation, and did penance (Tapasya). Dressed in magnificent colourful saris, the woman and men respectfully strip down and slowly bathe and pray in this holy water.  So soothing to watch. The Galtaji Monkey Temple is at Khaniya, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Ritual of Woman Bathing:

Catching a glimpse of this very special ritual of women and men, bathing in the holy waters.  It was just endearing to watch these women bathing so gently and praying as they cleansed themselves. Quietly, almost in a trance, they pray and bathe, a ritual that Hindus, exercise for their religion. Because I found this to be very peaceful and something quite warming.

Indian Woman

Spiritual healing:

The feeling was very spiritual, and I have so much gratitude in knowing that these people believe in a higher power.  Without judgement to anyone’s religion. I put my camera away in honour of these women of all shapes and sizes as they were shedding their beautiful colourful Saris.

Thousands of people travel to the Galta Temple in Jaipur to bathe in the holy water. Luckily, we visited in February where it was not too hot. But it’s worth the effort and not to be missed when in Jaipur!

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