Lovers Unite

July 8, 2023
Party time at the wedding

When asked if I could do the photographs for Abi & Mark’s WEDDING, I was thrilled to witness these lovers unite. 

As I have known this family forever, I have grown up with them too.  I have watched the Grahams grow through the good times, tremendous times, and the low times. Finally, I was going to get to see these lovers unite.

As they did my life.  So, it had to be perfect! Under a huge amount of pressure and stress, I took the couple to the gardens where would we have the most time to do the photographs.  And we all found this shack/shed, of course, me, being super curious.  Opened the door, it leads into the very messy dusty shed.  But a shed filled with character, urban with a touch of graffiti style.  

So, this was a celebration that I literally cried through but loved.  As the couple are so hip and out there, we had such fun and broke all the normal rules. They loved my photo’s which was a very easy thing to do as they are a photogenic beautiful couple.

Abi, the exquisite bride took everything in her stride and looked like a princess.  Mark, absolutely infatuated with his gorgeous bride was flying high in the clouds and had the biggest smile the whole day. I must say that I shed many tears, laughed at the beautiful speeches and had sore cheeks from all the smiling.  Absolutely stunning wedding and celebration! 

What a delight it was… here are a few of my favourites and here is the album

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