Tswalu Kalahari Safari

January 9, 2023
Sable in the Kalahari

Luckily, I was recently given a gift to stay at Tswalu Private Game Reserve. 

Tswalu, The Motse, is a contemporary safari lodge situated in the heart of the red-sand and grassy Kalahari and is well known for its exceptional service and remarkable food. With endless landscapes and unbelievable game-viewing, it’s worth every moment.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by an electric thunderstorm, with dark clouds, pouring rain, and high humidity. Absolutely awe-inspiring!  The Tswalu thunderstorm lasted a maximum of ten minutes. As it moved along, leaving us with a lovely fresh feeling, with all the smells of the bush enhanced, on a hot Kalahari afternoon.

The Motse and the private Tarkuni Villa are assembled from organic materials and outfitted to the highest standards, expressing the warmth and hospitality of the people of the Kalahari. The room is spectacular, in every way possible!  The attention to detail is absolutely on point.  Designed and sited to make the best of Tswalu’s dramatic and expansive views, The Motse provides exclusivity, privacy, and free access to one of southern Africa’s last true wildernesses.

When people tell you that no two Tswalu experiences are the same, I can finally understand what they mean.  Magically, they shape your trip around your own interests, and everything happens at your own pace.  The striking landscape as the sun rises above the Korannaberg mountains each morning, new opportunities to learn, play and explore come to life. From birds and insects to the smaller predators that are special to see, such as bat-eared foxes, Cape foxes, and the Kalahari kangaroo (spring hare). Our ranger Kyle and tracker Oom Ben were the best I have ever experienced.  And with such knowledge, Kyle is truly a walking encyclopedia.

And then there was the morning with the meerkats.  I really adore meerkats, so this was a treat for me.  I lay on my belly with my camera and watched these curious little creatures come out of their burrows to catch the early morning sun.  We spent a wonderful length of time just watching them go about their daily routines.

Check out my photographs of these very sweet and entertaining creatures.

Kalahari is beautiful we hardly saw any other vehicles. It felt as if I was the only person on a game drive! If you are looking for a truly socially distanced safari, Tswalu certainly offers it.  Every Tswalu safari is a profound journey to the heart of an inspired conservation vision, against a landscape that is dreamlike in its passion and scale.

 Although the meals are fine dining, the service is exceptional, and everyone is so friendly. Each course was mouth-watering full of flavour and the menu suited the area.   

Furthermore, I did get to see the new Klein Jan Restaurant opening in April 2021. All I can say is that this experience will only enhance your stay at Twsalu two-fold!  I got goosebumps when I walked into the restaurant. It must be one of the most creative designs I have ever seen. Without a doubt, it’s going to win many awards with Jan Hendrik’s magical touch and of course the Oppenheimer family! Although, I was not allowed to take photographs as they were literally setting the tables for its launch. I did sneak photograph of a certain someone’s Veltskoen.

Here are the rest of my photographs – click here

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