Kalahari Meerkats

November 3, 2022

Waking up with Meerkats has to be my best Safari experience.

I was so privileged to get to see this again in the beautiful Kalahari, at Tswalu.  Early morning, before sunrise, we set out for this incredible sighting.  When we arrived the sun was very close to hitting the ground.  Meerkats sleep underground, cuddling up as a family.

A meerkat mob has several burrow systems. The meerkats move from one system to another every few months. They often occupy burrows previously dug by ground squirrels or other animals. However, meerkats are also well-adapted for creating or extending burrows. They have long claws for digging. They also have a clear membrane covering
their eyes, and ears that close to keep out dirt.  They are fascinating to watch.  They are quite comical and full of beans after they thaw in the morning sunlight.

Meerkats are diurnal. This means they are active during the day. When they emerge from their burrows each morning they like to stretch out on their backs and warm up in the sun. Once they have got their wake-up call from the sun, their tummies start talking, and off they go, after making sure the coast is completely clear.  Safe to start foraging for mainly eat invertebrates such as beetles, scorpions, spiders, and centipede larvae.  They will occasionally eat vertebrates including lizards and small snakes.

These small critters have oodles of character, and a sense of humours and are fascinating to watch. They protect each other constantly and are very affectionate. Spending hours with them really fills your heart and makes life so meaningful. I left with a smile, happy that I was so close to these dear creatures. In their own environment, without any cages, just them and the wilderness of the Kalahari.

CLICK HERE to see more photographs of my experience of the Meerkats of the Kalahari.

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