6 Tips to Help Conquer Your Fear of Flying

January 26, 2024

Do you fear flying? Do you battle with waves of anxiety on takeoff, during the flight and on landing? I can totally relate to that!  I have suffered with this for years.  Any methods of transport that I am not entirely in control of, give me class A anxiety! Luckily, I have forced myself, on planes, boats and trains through the world. And can honestly say I still suffer anxiety but have learned ways to help me. There is nothing worse than being afraid of flying!

Did you know?

Seasoned pilots are accustomed to takeoff turbulence, the sound of retracting landing gear, and the perceptible decrease in engine power. While the same things can cause nervous or nervous passengers to scream obscenities. And want to throw up all over the flight attendants.

I used to be terrified of that feeling of takeoff and the noises during takeoff and then when the pilot turns sharply.  It makes me feel dizzy, disorientated and very anxious.  I tend to grab onto my husband, saying this is it? We are about to die. Or hanging onto my mother saying something is wrong?  The plane is going down.  That terrible fear is horrific. I have learnt to deal with it, work through it and have great tips to get through it!   Travelling is my life, it’s my passion and although every now and again I feel anxious, the work I have put in to get over my fear, has paid off! Let me share some ideas! A lot of folks don’t travel because they’re afraid of flying. Symptoms such as claustrophobia, heaviness, lack of control, and strange noises might become worse at an altitude of 39,000 feet.

The fact is the most perilous part of your trip, is probably the travel to the airport. Regardless of the season, eight million people use the skies every day, according to the International Air Transport Association. That is an underestimate of the population of Switzerland! Puts things into perspective!

More proof that you are ultimately going to be okay, is that a tragic plane catastrophe claims the lives of one in eleven million individuals. More probable events include being struck by lightning, stung by a bee, or elected president of the United States. The vast majority of Americans continue to feel at ease while they are behind the wheel, despite the fact that the probability of dying in an automobile accident is 1 in 5,000.

Nervous of Flying

Here are my top 6 hacks on helping you and your anxiety while flying:

Pick a tune:

My tune is The Proudest Monkey by the Dave Matthews Band. Its 9 mins long. I get this song ready to rock and roll, just before takeoff. I place my earphones into my ears and close my eyes.  Almost mediate to this; song that brings me so much joy.  During listening to this song, I prepare myself. For takeoff.  This song this to be anthem to your fun, exciting travel ahead!  A celebration, make it special!

Noises on the plane:

When you don’t know what an airplane sounds like during takeoff, landing, and during the flight, you could start to worry. Fear of flying really kicks in.  Your anxious brain thinks something terrible is about to happen because you have no idea what those sounds are. Prepare yourself for takeoff by familiarizing yourself with the sounds of the wheels retracting, cabin chimes, and acceleration. Expect them, make a takeoff tick list in your head.  And tick it off when all these sounds come.  Celebrate them.  When I meet pilots on my travels, I make it a point to ask them a lot of questions so I can learn as much as I can about their profession. The best way to put an end to anxiety is to educate yourself.

Distract yourself:

Use media such as books, movies, games, or music to occupy your time. I find that when I face my fears, I need to distract myself, so I forget about the fear!  So, I come organized.  I always make it habit of reading travel hardcopy book, of my destination.  With a pen, marking down all the places I want to see, do and ideas of an itinerary!  I make sure its old school, a book and a pen. No iPads, Laptops or iPhones.  The turning of a page is relaxing.  And giving my hands the big importance of being busy! Earphones on, listening to really great music!

The glass of water method:

The name is too funny! I am truly chuckling to myself, as this is a fool proof anxiety hack!  Try it, it works!  So, you ask the lovely flight attendant for a glass of water, take your plastic cup, put it on your open travel tray, fill it and keep an eye on it through your flight.  Keep an eye on the delicate movement of the water.  It which never spills. This demonstrates how negligible your motion is even in the face of the most of turbulent conditions. Now think about taking the glass on a road trip, in your car!  Puts things into perceptive right?

Time spent reflecting:

Be wise, use the time in the sky to chat to the ones that have left before me.  I pray and spend time catching up.  I watch the clouds and enjoy the shapes and forms that we glide past.  Making sure I am very present.  It is relaxing and very profoundly relaxing.

You are not alone: 

Expressing your fears aloud can help calm you down at times. Explain your anxiety to the flight attendants and request that they keep you updated on flight status, noise levels, and other relevant information. On top of that, I find it calming to watch them work through storms with grins on their faces. Waitressing in the air, now that is a job!

India Jet airways

Don’t let your anxiety stop your adventures! Practice makes perfect, the more you try the above methods the better you will become. Until you board a plan and just fly, like everyone else!  It’s possible, but if not remember you can always visit your GP and ask for a calming tablet.  Just be sure that you are very alert!  Don’t sedate yourself too much!  Especially when you travel alone!  Things happen, you might need to change planes.  And I don’t suggest taking sleeping tablets on long haul flights, sleep when you are on land.

Accept that you will not sleep. Embrace it and make sure that as soon as you are safely at your destination, jump into bed and catch up on your sleep so that you are ready for adventure!




  • Carolyn
    March 18, 2024

    Did you write this blog post for me? 😀 Because damn, I cry like a baby every-time I fly. Thanks for the tips. I need to remember these when I fly next. x

  • WildFlower
    March 19, 2024

    Hahaha.. every time I get on a flight, I am a nervous wreck, but I love travel, so I force myself. face your fears!

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