Unbelievable Udaipur:  Romantic City of Lakes

December 11, 2023
Building in Udaipur

I fell in love with Udaipur, it was enchanting, beautiful and filled with romantic moments.

Placed in the heart of the charming state of Rajasthan. Udaipur stands as a testament to the grandeur of India’s royal history. Known as the “City of Lakes,” it captivates you.

With its stunning palaces, picturesque lakes, and rich cultural heritage. This mesmerizing city gives you architectural marvels. Without a question, a vibrant culture, and the tranquil beauty that earned it the title of the “Venice of the East.”

Udaipur’s claim to fame is undoubtedly its pristine lakes. Each with its own unique charm. Without a doubt, Lake Pichola, the largest of them all.

Uniquely, surrounded by hills, palaces, and temples, offering a breathtaking panorama. The iconic Lake Palace, seemingly floating on the lake’s surface, adds a touch of magic to the scenery. Photography is sublime. There is so much to photograph.

From the reflections of the buildings against the water, to the night lights over the lakes.  The people are very special, kind and accommodating.

Obviously, no visit to Udaipur is complete without savouring its delectable cuisine. The city offers a rich tapestry of flavours. From the spicy Laal Maas (red meat curry) to the sweet and crispy Ghevar. I found my way into a five-star hotel, sat in the reception area, overlooking the lakes.

Ordered myself a delicious Lassi and ate a sweet milky dessert! An hour or so later, I woke up, I had fallen asleep. All my belongings open and spread out on the day bed.  When I woke up the darling waiter brought me a cold bottle of water.  He made sure I was safe while I slept.

Udaipur, the City of Lakes, beckons travellers with its magical blend of natural beauty. Incredible architectural marvels, and cultural richness. Whether you are an architecture enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat. It is clear, Udaipur has something to offer for every kind of traveller.

As you navigate the labyrinth of narrow lanes, explore the grand palaces, and witness the mesmerizing sunset over the lakes.

Enjoy my photography of this gorgeous piece of the world.

You’ll find yourself enchanted by the timeless allure of this oasis in the desert.


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