My Secret Garden

January 25, 2021
Garden slug on a leaf

There is something really special about just sitting in my secret garden.

My Secret Garden

It’s a quietness, peace and tranquility. The plants, that whisper in the breeze, the snails that slide along the creeper. To the menace of the buzzing fly. And watching the army of ants, make their way home. Stopping and greeting each other as they walk along.

Poem by Theo Williams

The secret garden is a special place.
That is close to my heart.
It washes away yesterday’s sorrow.
As I watch the new day start.

The birds start singing a sweet melody
Awakening the flowers
They shake off the morning dew
And watch as the beauty showers.

The sun wakes to climb the azure sky
Shining upon this natural secret
Giving it a particular glow
I feel my love at its deepest.

I find stones in the garden
From far and wide
Sea shore, desert, mountains
Set my troubles aside.

I climb atop the tree house
Play pirates and ships
Blowing away the foe
Whilst my fatigue gets hit.

As the end of the day is near
I begin to weep
The butterflies are now leaving
As the garden goes to sleep.

The insects and birds no longer hum
Out comes the moon
Flowers start to fade away
Waiting for a new day to come.

The garden now takes a nap
I smile with no hesitation ‘cause I now see
That the garden’s secret
Is to let your imagination run free.

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