RIP georgie & giz

2020 was traumatic. Filled with anxiety and it was utter paralyzing.  I had to say goodbye to two of my fur children.   And goodbyes are never easy!

I, fortunately, was unable to have children, so have filled my life with cats.  I adore the feline kind, as they are wonderful companions.  Therefore, I mothered all my kittens, going through puberty and finally until they were adults and then in their final years. Goodbye is the hardest thing to say, especially when it’s forever.

Georgina was 18 years old; she was such a petite cat.  Absolutely beautiful.  However, the older she got, the grumpier she got.  She ate like a horse and had the determination of a tugboat.  She was an incredible loving cat but had a tad bit of meth in her.  You never knew what you would get, perhaps that what made her so special.  Georgie, suffered from anxiety, that’s apt, like her mother!  She would over groom herself constantly.  Causing skin rashes and a variety of irritations. 

I tried everything under the sun, to help her, from chemicals medication costing me thousands to herbal mixes, allergy food, literally everything!  Even trying Cannabis Oil.  She would get the best spot in the house, all the attention but towards the end, it became very difficult.  As she was first, she was the queen bee. 

Our Georgina took 25 minutes to pass.  Our Meryl Streep.  I was there, holding her and caressing her until the end.  It was so peaceful.  I felt that 18 years was a good life for a cat, once her heart stopped, I wrapped her up in my best scarf from Varanasi filled with snot and tears.  Georgina, see you on the other side. Saying goodbye was very sad, but you are in a better place, my sweet darling.

Gizmo was a TEARS special, filled with fleas and snuffles, I waited weeks before I could fetch him.  He secretly stole my heart at first sight.  An adorable fluffy ball of brown/black/blue colour and beautiful eyes.  My darling son.  Georgina and Gizmo together, well that was another story.  Very tumultuous relationship, they tolerated each other, but there were many spats in the house.  A few hisses and many moans.  But when I wasn’t looking, they would sleep together. 

Gizmo grew up into a massive lion-hearted cat.  He had a long, sleek body, big paws, and a regal face.  This beautiful cat was a typical male, even though he was neutered he was the “gangster” in the house.  Constantly outside, hunting, protecting his territory as a wild male lion would in the Mara.  Except he caused havoc, wherever he went.  My worst mother moment, was when Gizzy was pulling a Guinea fowl across the road, bringing him home to show me his catch. Highly embarrassed I closed all the windows and curtains and died a little inside.

Giz and I had a very special bond, I could carry him as a baby, we could all go for longs walks up mountains as a family.  Often Gizmo would visit me at work, which was about 4kms away. He never left my side, he slept in my arms and had a morning ritual, of lots of cuddles.

17 years old. He had an eye operation and unfortunately, this took a massive toll on his body.  I knew it was coming to an end, I spent a beautiful weekend with him, I had many conversations, I cuddled him, held him, and cried into his body.  Saying goodbye to Giz, was devastating, I was at peace that he was letting go.  He was quick, our vet gave me 30 minutes to be with him.  His lifeless body remained. I felt such relief as I do believe he was suffering.  

I kissed his paws, cut his favourite part of fluff from his tummy, and wrapped him up in another scarf I bought in Varanasi.  So now I have no more scarves left from Varanasi, and only one cat left. 

Losing animals that have lived in your space for so long is very traumatic, it’s a massive loss.  I still hear Gizmo crying and keep on looking for Georgina.  I guess it’s a habit.  Both have taken a tiny piece of my heart. 

Until we will meet again.

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