jit’s stories, succulents, and recycling

Walking around grubby Woodstock’s streets is incredibly fascinating.

I am very curious and am not scared to pop my head into places I should. I mean a no entry sign is the BEST sign. It leads you to the most exciting places. Recycling is a big thing in Cape Town and it was thrilling when I stumbled upon Jit.

I found Jit, in a long alleyway in one of the character-filled streets in Woodstock. Absolutely overjoyed to see someone turn rubbish into perfect art pieces. Rusted metals and succulents. Jit has a passion for both. And of course recycling.

I spent about an hour talking to him, we became best friends. He even offered me a pull on his joint. Very chilled, happy spot. I was so thrilled in meeting this wonderful artist, metal collector and storyteller. The greatest part of meeting Jit was that he gets up every day, walks to work and creates all sorts of really amazing recycled art with succulents planted in them. He has an incredible sense of humour and is happily chuckled all day.

Here are a few photographs I took…

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