Rwanda has always been a bucket list destination for me, for many reasons. Trekking up the misty mountains to visit the Silverback Gorillas is the first highlight I would want to go there. But for a number of years as a civil war raged in the beautiful green mountains and fields of Rwanda, over a… Read More

Dear 2022

Nearly two years into this relentless pandemic, bad news and now a war in Ukraine. Mental Wellness is the real pandemic. The new buzzword is burnout. The psychological term for all-consuming exhaustion and detachment from the world as you seep into everyone’s life, corner to corner of the globe.  You have caused endless uncertainty and… Read More

RIP georgie & giz

2020 was traumatic. Filled with anxiety and it was utter paralyzing.  I had to say goodbye to two of my fur children.   And goodbyes are never easy! I, fortunately, was unable to have children, so have filled my life with cats.  I adore the feline kind, as they are wonderful companions.  Therefore, I mothered all… Read More

rooftop music

Such an epic band, so relevant and sensitive to everything happening in the world. I love how Chris Martin, says goodbye on the last song. So much respect for him.

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imperfection, is beautiful

My second-born, Gizmo was a beautiful TEARS kitten, I was desperate to get the late Miss Georgina Maker, a partner in crime, a friend to groom, to snuggle and to play. I walked into the shelter for kittens and searched. I knew what I wanted and after looking through all the cages filled with kittens,… Read More

be kind

sunlit plants. snails. shining shifts through the leaves creating dances to shadows. Bubbles of sun shine through the tress that cover our humble garden. I am not alone, I have a 2 year old peeking through he fences with her chocolate dirty hands and face. Piercing blue eyes yapping, we having conversations of profound issues.

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