one life one love live

Jared Leto sings that sentence over ten times in one of my best songs. One that I listened to over a million times in my life.

Today, I asked myself the question? He is indirectly asking us a question one life, one love, live? That’s a very hard question as to be honest there is only one of those I agree with and will entertain, but the rest is all codswallop.

The first one he refers to is one life? Agreed. We live and die. Simple

The next is, one love and then one live? Not so?

That’s how I see it and that is okay as one should never be ashamed to admit that. But one love, that’ is impossible. I have loved so many.
People, things, music, adventures, wrapped my hands of lovers, experiences of lust, hatred, judgement, with no judgement, greed, anger and pure perfection.

So I certainly don’t agree with that. How could you equate this to one love? You love, you love, you are lovely, you loved back.
More love for heroin, more sex, more propaganda, more documentaries more taste, smell, new sounds that we love. Love for new music, new recipes, old recipes. madness, crazy, joy, and affection. You could never believe in one love. As I don’t. Jared Leto is insightful.

But you fall apart and get up back again, to rinse and repeat not “ONE” time, but at least ten times in our lives up to how far you refer as life. In the living. So have realized that you can’t say one love, as there is no such thing.

its impossible.

You so say live. Well, this is what we are doing right now. Living in a space where you call home, address, town, city and Country. Not sure if this is living. For some it is but not for some, not for many maybe more than the minority. The majority of this worlds population is not living. Homeless children on the streets of Africa, India. Empty tummies, no running water, not sanitary in sight. Not even a toilet. What kind of live do you talk off? Perhaps your Hollywood life.. that you are living.

they surviving. They are being warriors everyday.

Every single heart beat. Its hard for most, its harder for others. either way we are hardly living. no one is satisfied, the rich are not. Perhaps there are a very few that are truly and blessed that they are living. honestly, with happiness, no worry, no stress, no rape, no murder, no child abuse. But I highly doubt it, and I am happy to explain.

Humans are the problem. We take everything for granted, we simply take a massive tractor and drive over the world and flatten everything that is in front of us, then we get bigger tractors and take more and more and even more. Not caring about the ramifications, just about what we can get from it. Once again Jared Leto’s talent hits the nail on the head.

until we learn to be humble and learn from our lesson I have to disagree with your lyric.

one life. one love. survive.

Thank you Jared Leto for making me think.

My feature photograph that was not taken by me, depicts an exhausted ranger rest on a terrified Rhino. I think that should say it all.

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