natural light

I thrive in natural light. I am not a fan of flash photography.

Having a very steady hand, I hold my camera and allow the light to encapsulate the lens providing me with whatever comes out. I rarely edit my photographs. Natural light is your best friend.

I like to sharpen my images and crop if something is in the way, but I am an ordinary kinda gal. During the first 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown in March, we were completely housebound. It was incredibly scary, this plague had come over our lives killing a few, to hundreds and then thousands. In the early time of lockdown, we all found ways to keep ourselves busy.

I took to my camera. I sat in my very small humble garden, made friends with all the birds, and took photographs of everything around me. Blurring out the backgrounds and play with natural light.

We were on lockdown for so long, I got to have many conversations with the plants. Laying on my back and looking up, I talked to the trees and watched the sun as it fell perfectly between the leaves.

These photographs show the space I am in during this crazy time. Anxiety filled, long days with very little hope. It seems that Coivd-19 is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it.

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