living and breathing

After 6 months of staying at home, abiding by the new world of post-Covid-19 life. Nature always grounds me.

Desperate, we drove 2.5 hours into the country. Heading on an adventure masked. It was a special adventure, not only for the body but most certainly for the mind. Long walks, lots of nature, with snow-capped mountains. Chilly, but warm sunlit days of pure bliss.

Believing that nature cures anything. Sometimes we need to be quiet. Explore the plants, trees, flowers, enjoy the sun, and most importantly taking note of how it works. How the parasite uses the tree to survive. It’s mind-blowing, interesting and of course special.

Reminding me personally of our maker. Being around nature, birds and mountains is healing in its own way. We have such beauty around us, yet we live a 9 – 5 existence leaving very little time to acutely live. If Covid has taught us anything, it should be that!

Greyton is a lovely town, only 2 hours from Cape Town, this untouched little gem is delightful. The flowers were blooming, as there had been much-needed rain. Time was well spent, enjoying the mountains, quaint town, and our fireplace in our cottage. Driving through Genandendal we enjoyed the old traditional homes built decades ago.

Making friends with the locals, chatting to them for hours, masks on with ample social distancing. Including screaming out COWS!!! every time we saw cows and the constant hugging of every single horse we laid our eyes on. I love new experiences and I love allowing my curiosity to take me to new places. I live for taking the off beaten track, trying roads that are less traveled to find exciting new things. And if it has a no-entry sign, even better.

The adventure leads you to a wonderful journey. It’s time to take a breath, see what is around you, and truly have massive gratitude.

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