is COVID19 dream..

Covid19 tickled the trauma part of me.

So where were you when the Challenger blew up in the middle of the sky live on TV? I looked at my mother saying why is it on fire? My brother said, it’s blown up and all the astronauts are dead. Only a young child, but I will never forget that feeling of shock.

Where were you when Princess Diana died? How did that make you feel, it was literally a sharp object inside my heart, I cried with snot and tears for days, depressed as fuck and was a raging bull, so angry that the most incredible woman was taken away from us, a few days later we lost Mother Theresa. I was in mourning. Today we sit with Covid19.

Where were you on September 11? When the first plane crashed into the building, then the second one.. and then watching people jumping out of the buildings in pure fear, and then the silent crash as each building came crashing down. Our new enemy is Covid19 right now as I type.

There are so many to talk mention, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, JFK, Nelson Mandela, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Osama Bin Laden death, the falling of Saddam Statue, the Berlin Wall, Japan’s horrific earthquake and Tsunami, 24th December in Thailand, watching a mass of water take out towns within a few minutes.

Wondering if my friends that I had grown to love made it to higher ground. The assassination of Chris Hani, Mandela walking out of jail, becoming our president. It never ends.

Covid19 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. The disease causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. You can protect yourself by washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, and avoiding close contact (1 metre or 3 feet) with people who are unwell. To date of writing this its literally infected 783,590 confirmed cases, 37,729 reported deaths. Its spread worldwide. Covid19 is the new buzzword.

So we are all on lock down. Stay at home. Those who suffer with debilitating depression and anxiety can hardly cope on a normal day, imagine this now. Thankfully my doctor is on call and we Skype, and the chemist delivers. How fortune I am. What about the masses that live in worst situations? So many people are going to lose their jobs, little businesses, more debt, loss of life, humans are finally going to suffer for what we are doing to the earth.

I hold onto this song tightly, hoping this situation brings us together and we are going to learn from this as soon as we can. As humans are our worst enemy, they are killing their own earth and now their own people.

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