forever friendships

Having long friendships are so important these days, the longer the better as the person with who you are friends watches you change, grow, fall, get up and laugh.

Perhaps get skinny or fatter, perhaps go through rough storms only to come out into beautiful sunlight. They stand with you while you go into a deep cocoon and then watch you flutter around like a butterfly.  Holding your hand, giving you the advice and deep comfort always. 

I am so lucky to have a handful of these angels, who love unconditionally and never fake it.  They are the type of friends that truly care that while you are barfing after too much wine, they hold your hair back, reapply your lipstick and make sure you don’t walk out of the toilet with toilet paper attached to your shoe, face, etc.… Let’s be honest if you have ever been in that situation who knows where it could be. 

As I have never been able to have children, I have grown with my friends’ children, firstly, going through pregnancy, childbirth, thankfully many arm lengths away. Then motherhood. Observing their love for their own, giving so much love and attention.  Making sure that they grow up into successful happy kids in this hard world today.  I love this process, it’s amazing listening to the love and of course through the tears that flow as mothers want to drop their brood at my house for days.

It’s all life and it’s all beautiful.  Most of it, the other part we get through no matter what hardships we go through, divorce, death, or moving to a new house.  I can tick all three of those and I can say that my friendships have helped me cope. 

I love the bond, I love the feeling of knowing there is someone out there that has a love for you and backs you up, no matter what.

Thank you. You know who you are. I mean that.

Remember to always look up! There is magic there.

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