Fields of Gold

June 21, 2023

One of my many favourite songs sung by Sting. Fields of Gold is the perfect song to play while you drive in the Canola Fields in the yellow season.

Canola Fields:

Each year without fail the beautiful fields in the Overberg, turn into yellow horizons of happiness. It lightens up the mood and brightens our province! As you drive over Sir Lowry’s Pass. You will see bright yellow carpets and bright blue skies.

Where do you see these yellow fields?

The bright yellow landscapes stretch from the Swartland to Overberg and Swellendam in spring are a major attraction. Unquestionably, sublime for photographers and Instagram fans.  I always get super excited as it always blows my mind at the sheer scale of the yellowness. It’s invigorating and it means summer is around the corner.  They start coming to life from July to September.

Each year I try my best to get out and spend time in the fields as nature brings bees, birds, and fields of Gold.

What is canola?

Canola is a variant of an incredibly old crop of rapeseed and a member of the Brassica family which includes broccoli, cabbage, mustard, cauliflower, turnip, and radish. Importantly, agricultural crops are used today. Canola is grown from the seeds found in its pod. For example, the oil is used in making margarine, cooking oils, salad oils, and delicious edible oil blends.

What does it contain?

Importantly, it contains both Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Importantly, it is good for you. After extracting the old. Livestock growers use this for livestock farmers as protein-rich meals for cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

Road tripping with photographic advantages:

Now get into your car, pack lunch, lots of water to hydrate. Your camera, and your family and go road-tripping. Without a doubt, it’s well worth it, you can stay over for a night in Greyton, Swellendam, or anywhere in the Overberg area. You can get really creative taking photographs too!  Hence, practice makes perfect!

Check out my photography of these beautiful Fields of Gold.

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