A road trip, sometime away.. 2 hours from Cape Town. A beautiful cottage overlooking a magnificent dam, where dogs swam, families fished and we just chilled in the warm winter sun.  The thing I love about autumn or should I say winter, is the constant blue skies and the colours that fill your day. Everything is so crisp and clear. There is a happiness in the air.

After a rush to get to our little cottage for the weekend, we checked in and just sat on our balcony, watched the sun disappear over the mountain and got a hot fire going that lasted the weekend. I love the country side, I love the laid back feeling of how simple the world lives in between mountains and wildlife.

Its quiet, its relaxed and its away from the city.

Everyone needs a little time away,  we sat on the jetty, watched the coots swim around, played backgammon, drank copious amounts of wine, using a pot as our ice bucket and had wonderful conversations. Another superb road trip, spent with my very best friend.



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