pink gin, flowers and fudge

And friends… that is honestly all I want in life. Seriously, its life living dangerously.  The colours, the tastes and the beautiful blooms of fynbos. Simply delicious. We spent 4 hours in at the Elgin Railway Market. I’ve been to many markets all over the world and can literally rate them all right now, but… Read More

blooms & bark with a neo filter

I am not a fan of too much play with colours on photographs. Of course filters on Instagram are great fun, but when it comes to a photo shoot I rarely use filters.  The most I do is use the the black and white filter to create the drama when needed. Here I took my… Read More

another man’s trash is someone’s treasure..

Watching my mother in a second hand shop is like watching a child coming alive in a sweet shop. As I keep a eye on my mother, she walks around a cluttered shop of smelly old fashioned collectibles, from old vintage radios, to cars to antique furniture, to photography from decades ago of strange men… Read More


A road trip, sometime away.. 2 hours from Cape Town. A beautiful cottage overlooking a magnificent dam, where dogs swam, families fished and we just chilled in the warm winter sun.  The thing I love about autumn or should I say winter, is the constant blue skies and the colours that fill your day. Everything… Read More

lovers unite

When asked if I could do the photographs for Abi & Mark’s wedding I almost went into a flat panic. As I known this family forever, I have grown up with them too.  I have watched the Graham’s grow through the good times, tremendous times and the low times.  As they did my life.  So it… Read More

chai tea with light & awakening

After walking, getting in and out of tuk tuks, planes, taxis and rickshaws, your body aches.  So we booked a full body ayurvedic massage in Udaipur.  Very upmarket place, having had a massage in Agra and Jaipur I was desperate for a good hardcore body rub.  Cheap as chips and such a lovely treat after… Read More

How I got to India…. Finally.

Travel Photography is the most insane and electrifying photography ever.  Especially when you have no time to set up, you cannot be in control of anything you shoot, everything and anything is a rush as you are moving to your next destination.

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burger & lobster

Funky boozy night at Burger & Lobster in Cape Town. Take note all images taken from a IPhone intoxicated.  

Zeitz museum of contemporary art Africa

I was lucky to have spent a few hours in the zany, yet elegant beautiful Zeitz Museum which has been named the largest museum dedicated to contemporary art for African and its Diaspora, walking from room to room, experiencing exciting art, sculptures, moving images, outstanding photography and Art education.  The building is mind blowing,  when you walk in you feel like you have been transformed into another era. 

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a temple for monkeys

A pre-historic Hindu pilgrimage site, the Galtaji Temple, is located only 10 km away from Jaipur. One of the jewels of Jaipur, the temple complex encompasses natural fresh water springs and 7 holy ‘kunds’ or water tanks. Among these kunds, the ‘Galta Kund’, is the holiest one and is believed to never get dry.

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