I turned 44 years on Lock-down. I woke sunrise OT, (our times) not BC or AB, yes COVID-19 birthday bash!

I wonder how many people will be sad for me or happy for me that I survived. Or could be jealous as a jellyfish as I get to now say COVID-19 lock-down 2020 year of my birthday.

That’s when you couldn’t go out, stay at home. Just Ty and I, and not a soul or preacher man or Jehovah witness or King Kong.

Nothing, one that everyone, wants to have witnessed. We are those cool ones. 12th April 2020. To get the affect that I was after you have to listen to this as you read the below.


Blue hues, of a sunrise, people who love each other, are brothers, sisters, they are a family. An amazing band. Collectively making music. Closely combined with making millions happy like me.  And you are riding a wave. It’s the best thing about being on lock down, is perhaps the stability of me is finally hitting me.

Hence my late nights, 9 pm latest at 10 pm. Lauren time. A Jordanian woman is singing, expressing over the waking city of Jordan. Her voice is changing the hues into the most magnificent sunrise.. slowly and warming, birds are tweeting ….

Echoing into Jordan as high as a Kite.  On a rooftop chanting to the Jordanian people. The music to this would be an incredible English Band. Children singing, whistling. Overwhelmed. Windows smatterings as the sun rays would enter.


Inspired by the humming of tunes.  And that smiles. That everyone has. When they are supposed to have a daddy.  Someone who I needed to look up too. Being just different from mom. Something that would be different about maybe a hug, a gesture or a wink.  Daddy are you out there? It would be lovely to meet you. Could you come out and play? Daddy don’t you care. That’s okay, it’s okay.

I was blessed with an incredible woman. One parent. Who gave me everything. Provided. Loved. Everything completely, unconditional every single time. Without failure.  The warrior. The King. His speech therapist, kindest woman I have ever met. Who suffers from hurt and pain not only physically you gave her, but you mentally scarred her for eternity. Mommy.

I have her for 44 years. And still so many years to come. You missed out Daddy on me and her. What a massive loss. Even though you are gone.


Man look

Hombre, mire

Ah, properly

Ah, propiamente

For all people, it has been mocked

Para toda la gente ha sido motivo de burla

Because everyone thinks it’s an impossible thing

Porque todo el mundo piensa que es una cosa imposible

Which is crazy

Que es cuestión de locos

The problem is that everything is incredible

El problema es que todo es increíble

And people don’t accept it

Y la gente no lo acepta

According to the band, Coldplay chose Jordan for its natural beauty and historical and cultural significance, while also reflecting the middle eastern flavors and motifs that permeate the album’s music and artwork

And the last thing I checked. Was the name of this blog. But this had to just come out in the best way possible so there is no reason for immense psychological stress, chill, it is perfect.

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