lipstick, love & laughter

That’s what you get when you go away with your very special friends. Alot of lipstick on gorgeous Enzo, love and heaps of laughter.  And the place is called Hemel-en-Aarde, which translated to  heaven on earth.  Should I say anything more.

The table is never empty, the chef is in the kitchen, the waiter is pouring the drinks and the DJ is cranking up tunes.  If you feel like taking a nap, you are allowed.  If you want to go for a walk, go. If you want to swim in your bra and panties, no judgement.

Its just easy going lovely friendships that happened slowly and beautifully.  With a massive amount of support and love.  How lucky I am.  How grateful I am.

Even though I am the second eldest when I go away with my friends I feel 30 again, I don’t need to plaster my wrinkles with base or powder, I don’t need to flat iron my incredibly curly frizzy hair.  I can walk into the kitchen with a severe hangover and the coffee is brewed, I can get a cup and go back to bed.  I am accepted and loved just the way I am.

How utterly refreshing is that, to be able to just be you.  I love you guys, our weekend wonders are simply the best thing I look forward to.

I appreciate you human beings so much.  And of course the new extension to our family of friends the beautiful baby Enzo.  My mother once told me, you will have seasons, reasons and lifetime friendships in your life.  Seasons, well they only last for a season, even though your heart breaks you seem to understand and get over it very quickly.

Then you get a reason, well this one we know is a friend who will teach you a lesson, hurt you or come into your life for a short time, profoundly reminding you of something that you need to watch out for or something you need to change in you.  Life is about learning everyday.

But this crowd, is a lifetime.  I know this.  As I know we will be friends until we old and grey. Until death do us pass.

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