Creative Photography during Lock down COVID-19

During our COVID-19 Lock down, I decided to heal my mental well being, by creating a platform where we could share pictures and have some sort of interaction using our creative sides. 66 Members later and we are rocking and rolling. Please feel free to go and have a look, you would be surprised what you can find in your home, garden, cupboards and the amazing ideas you come up with.

First ever adventure was YELLOW, anything yellow! Maximum 4 photos or just one, depending on you. I got into trouble as I had nothing yellow, but found this precious cat ceramic cup my mom had bought me years ago and I placed a succulent into it.

Yellow ceramic cup with Succulent Copyrighted Pure Photography
Yellow ceramic cup with Succulent Copyrighted Pure Photography

The turn out for yellow was amazing and I was now busy trying to make sure that I kept a brave face on carry on this awesome way to be creative and get your mind of things. So still feeling a little sensitive about the world and what was happening, I thought lets keep us attached to our favourite things in the whole world, that have PAWS!

Still finding my way through this haze of death and a virus that is killing half the world, I had to dust myself off, I had people relying on me. The next subject I choose was “TEA POTS”, only Buddha will be able to explain that one, perhaps I was drinking capacious amounts of tea on lock down.

Shjoe… this is starting taking some rhythm and people are starting to love interacting and socializing through Social Media. It is actually special. Now when you suffer from General Anxiety Disorder as I do, you will note how haywire the themes go. You can almost see the graph of anxiousness I am suffering. Next theme : “ANYTHING THAT STARTS WITH A R” perhaps this virus that is ravaging the earths population. Not sure, why we came up with R. But I totally missed out on that one.

Did not post anything. OOOOOppppppppsssssyyyyy…. no one even noticed *wipes brow

Next bombshell was a bad day for me, I am literally depressed and scared. In tears and can barely keep my head together, I reach out to my therapist and get her on a Face Time chat. Best thing I could of done. My next theme was “SOMETHING THAT MEANS MUCH TO YOU” cliche, I know but it was what I needed.

I have not seen my mother in weeks, yes we chat on messenger daily and I see her on a screen, but I have not been able to hug her or rub her sore body, God I miss her. I can only send love and light to those who have lost a parent. Very hard. Ty and I reaching the Taj Mahal finally, star fish that I picked up on the beach in Mozambique and my special moment of plants growing on my window sill.

Gals and Guys, next theme is “SOMETHING STARTING WITH A H” silly one, too tired to come up with something exciting, although it turned out quite epic…

They say that people with mental illnesses are emphatic and have a tremendous amount of compassion, we feel so much more than others, its true. We tend to take the pain of the world on our shoulders and try fix it all, exhausting ourselves to such an extent we get depressed and all we want to do is sleep. That’s me. Pleased to me you. So doing this made me reach out to others suffering, making sure that they had something to look forward to and take part in. While we are all confined to home. Lets be thankful and grateful we have a home. <3

Either I am boring you or you are intrigued. The next theme is “GREEN”. Yes a bright colour, something that is delightful in plants, vegetables, perhaps lounges, bedrooms etc.. here are my greens…

K, starting to get used to this lock down, lets do something we all love. “FOOD” that’s the BOMB.COM.

And lets get straight into the next thing, also so original, I mean honestly… “SOMETHING THAT STARTS WITH A S” I am clearly feeling a little bit better and I know I can find things in the house that will cheer me up, so off I go, with my IPhone and start taking photographs…

As you can see from above, I am not coming out of lock down skinny. That’s for sure. #justsaying. Ladies and Gents our next exciting, escape and explore around the house is “BLACK AND WHITE” feeling a little locked in a cage, need to put my black uniform on. Depression starting to show its face…

Now I am looking for Macro, “CLOSE UP OF ANYTHING AROUND THE HOUSE” Wowzers!!! all the stops were pulled out by this group of amazing talented photographers..

Yes, I set the picture up with my turquoise bra, it has never let me down not once. 🙂 See starting to get a little light and starting find a little humour in this lock down situation. Feeling not so blue anymore. But who knows what happens an hour later.

So after finishing a good bottle of wine, a intimate braai with my bestie, then a few Gins, I wake up with a hangover… so decide to use the theme called “SATURDAYS” with a miffkop (learnt this from a colleague) this week I walk around the house feeling a little out of sorts, plus we have not had our Goddess Fanny who comes in like Mary Poppins and sorts out everything. We have to do a spring clean. So here is my Saturday photograph. Lol, you can see the desperation in the picture.

Yes, life does go on. I have started to stop looking at the death rates and infected cases, only the confirmed cases that are well. So its all good. My next spark of delight is “TEXTURES”. Yah something grown up!

I did not win a Pulitzer award for my textures pics, but I did like playing with the spaghetti, battled to get them all back into the box. At least took sometime out of the world pandemic. Then as the evening progressed I started to get nostalgic “SOMETHING OLD”

Give me some credit for making the filter warm to try and make it old. Anyway I was smashed out of the pickings as the photographs were insane. So proud. And then I decided after looking in the mirror lets do “CIRCLES”

Oh Gosh, something must of really upset me, so now I am now on “SHADOWS” I guess its all the death all around. But having said that I have lost so many people in my life, I have realized there is a beautiful thing in death, the dying find peace.

I am happy again. I want everyone to share beautiful photographs and the subject is “ALL THINGS ABOUT NATURE” ahhhhhhhh, everything is not lost.

Such prettiness, this world is going through such turmoil yet nature continues to flourish and grow. I hope we learn a very big lesson from this if we get through it. Its time to start. Its now or never.

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